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  1. Hey everyone. Ive been doing cardistry for about 7-8 months and Ive gotten some at least respectable 2-handed cuts, but one-handed cuts have always daunted me. I can never come up with anything besides moves that are completely unoriginal. If you could tell me some ideas on how to get started on one-handed cuts, it would be much appreciated.
  2. Hey Eli! There is a book available over at It is the book, "A Cut Above" by Msgr. Vincent Foy. The book is all about one-handed cuts that are both original and unoriginal. It can be found under the cardistry section of their website. Have a nice day, and good luck.
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    I'm into only one handed Cardistry so that's good info about the book.

    Here's what I know and the order I got them in

    Revolution Cut
    Charlier Cut
    One handed deck shuffle
    Muse Cut

    I will say that the Muse Cut is deceptive in difficulty And where it's difficult too. I can do it in both hands now. But now I'm wondering what are some of the more difficult cuts?
  4. check out Monument by Dimitri on t11. There are several one-handed moves that are extremely hard but really worth the price
  5. Arranged in order of difficulty
    -scissor cut
    -charlier triple packet cut
    -charlier triangle cut
  6. Where can I find a solid tutorial for scissor cuts?

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