One of The Single Greatest Effects I've Ever Seen

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AndyCL, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. I was at a convention from November 2-4 and at this convention someone did one of the cleanest, most visual effects I've ever had the joy of wittnessing, and in person none the less.

    This person was using a mini deck of cards and he had someone pick a card, the five of hearts, he found the card (how I can't remember), then someone else picked a card, the five of diamonds, the cards were lost in the deck and then he blew me away. He spread the mini deck on the table and then he reached over and turned the spread over part by part and as he did this the mini cards visually, I mean visually, changed to regular sized cards all except the selections.

    At first when I saw this it didn't fully register what had just happened. I couldn't catch one slight not one move from my point of view it was flawless. I truly wish I had a chance to learn this, but either way it was incredible just to see it.
  2. Wow, that sounds amazing. I wish I could've seen it myself. Try to search around youtube maybe you'll find a performance of it and you can see where to buy it.

  3. That sounds intense. If anyone finds its name please PM me with it.
  4. No it's his own creation he did say it was based off of something but I didn't really catch what.
  5. I think Tommy Wonder published a similar effect, but his was an 'in-the-hands' transformation.

    Your friend sounds like he adapted the handling to the table in a spread.
  6. He might have. do you have a vid of Tommy Wonder's effect so I can compare them?
  7. Oh, gosh, I know this. What was it called? I know it's a gimmicked deck. I was actually thinking about buying it. Sounds like he worked out a different handling. What was it called, though? Oh, crap.
  8. I have not seen Tommy Wonder do an effect like this. But he did do the Diminishing Cards, which is where the cards are fanned and they get smaller and smaller. (No video on youtube of this) This is more of a stage act. I saw him do it a few years back, and I have the cards in my magic case which were from him.

    The magic effect I believe you are talking about is Diminishing Returns:

    Take a look at that video, it is a very cheap magic effect to buy. Just have a search around, I am not sure who the orginal creator is.
  9. Sounds alot like Diminishing Returns. PenguinMagic used to sell it.

  10. I could be wrong, but didn't Lance Burton perform a similar effect on one of his NBC specials? Anybody remember seeing this?
  11. John Luka markets a gimmicked deck for a regular-to-mini illusion that looks good and would likely work for this effect.
  12. It sounds like a handling of Brother John Hamman's Micro Macro.
    It's a great trick. You can find it in The Secrets of Brother John Hamman by Richard Kaufman. It's also marketed as a separate trick. The Kaufman book is filled with some wonderful stuff and well worth the money.
  13. I think its one of the tricks explained in the party animal dvd series by matthew j. dowden. nice video, he even explained several routines for that trick.
  14. This sounds exactly like the Amazing Shrinking Deck by John Kennedy. It's available for about $30.

    Lance Burton did perform an effect like this on his first special, The Legend Begins. You can check it out on the "Secrets of Magic" DVD available from amazon, which also features two other Oullet-produced magic specials.

  15. So which one is it?

    Lots of ideas been placed, surely one of them has to be the one :p
  16. John Luka has an effect much like this in his book... dont know which one but sounds like thats what your talking about saw him do it at a lecture..
  17. just so everyone is clear this is a mini to regular deck, not a shrinking deck.
  18. So what happens again?

    A mini deck, a card is chosen and the deck turns big? What happens then? I have kinda lost the plot now...

  19. No that's not it. In the effect I saw ,for one, the deck grew in this one and you see the mini deck ribbon spread on the table before the transformation.
  20. Sure you didn't see half of this trick? :p

    I am not sure then, if I remember one like that, or see one, I will post here.

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