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  1. Hello fellow magicians,

    I recently bought a couple of decks not realising that one of the decks I bought had a one way back design

    (An asymmetrical back design which enables you to see when a card/cards have been turned the other way from the rest of the deck)

    At first I was cynical about it so although I loved the colours and how the deck felt in my hands I found it annoying that I would have to turn cards the right way around constantly.

    But I did some thinking and I thought that maybe this design could benefit me after all.

    I thought up a few routines trying to utilise this design, but unfortunately they were effects that either could be achieved in easier ways without using this deck, or they just were too weak to put in the effort of using that specific deck for the whole routine.

    I am interested to see your feedback wether it’s references to books that have great effects utilising a one way back design, or if it’s routines that you just came up with by using your own creative processes. If so try and think outside the box! I think if we could work out a way, this design could seriously achieve some unexpected miracles that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.


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  2. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks has a section specifically for one way backs.
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