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    Has anyone else noticed the one way back design on the Guardians?

  2. no

    how is it a one-way back?
  3. They aren't one ways...

  4. They arent one ways.

  5. It may well be a really subtle one way but apart from doesn't look like it.
  6. Look at the cylinders on the vertical sides. Unless I'm blind.

  7. I think its just the way that the photo is taken, pretty sure they aren't one way
  8. probably not one way, considering they're meant to be of good quality, one ways are extremely annoying, I'm pretty sure they're symettrical on both sides.
  9. The Guardians have an extremely subtle one-way back design that will go unnoticed by spectators but you can use if you wish to locate cards, etc. If not, they're so close to symmetrical that it shouldn't give you that bad taste in your mouth that most one-ways do.

  10. O0o Thats exciting =)

  11. Who cares about a one way back design so small. I've used League Back in magic, but nobody notices them.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with it. I was just wandering if anybody else noticed it.

  13. I like it. A little bit of a one-way back is a good thing, just gives you one more was to use the pack. The Magic Castle Cards are the same way, along with many other different brands.

    As long as its not obvious (that makes it annoying), good stuff.

  14. well, if you put it that way then maybe it is usefull and not so annoying :D
  15. Am i missing it?
    I have been staring at the pictures for 5 minutes now and i can't seem to figure out how its a one way.
    How is it a one way?

  16. Well, someone said something with the tubes, I'm not sure, I'll probably look at it when I get myself some decks, and I'll take some high-res photographs
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    they dont look 1 way to me it loks like a bad angle picture
  18. ^^ Read what Dan Hocking wrote, infact read the whole thread, they are one way.

  19. That is actually quite nice :)

    Cheers for clearing it up
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    oh well i dont know what to think now hehe but ill check them out when they arrive :)

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