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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just curious to what main tricks you love to open with and some main tricks you close to leave your spectators astonished.

    I would say list 3 of each in order and a possible reason as to why you do it in that order.
  2. I would say my ACR first

    Middle, hmm. Mentality. (Forced card and reading their mind)

    Ender, Pressure
  3. I will start off with Here then there card trick, follow by ACR the last one will be the Inivisble deck(if i have it with me).
  4. What if you dont have it with you. Do you have a different choice for a closer??
  5. Then i will do a riffle force and read their mind, the riffle force is like a backup if i do not have my invisible deck with me.
  6. i know numberous tricks, but i only use maybe 8-10 tricks, but they are very effective and make people be surprised. So when i show tricks for example i just show 1-4 tricks at one time, but they are all very effective, so it doesn't matter wich is the open and the close trick
  7. Yea, but the point of the thread is to PROVIDE the list of tricks you perfer to perform and why you feel they are the tricks for you. Also to come off as a good magician you cant just open with a jaw dropper... you need to work the crowd up start with something small and do a better and better trick 1 right after the other.
  8. My opener is silent treatment with a card not from mouth reveal.
    As I turn each page, I get more relaxed as they laugh and laugh.
    The reveal is magical but not too strong...Big switch by martin lewis.

    My closer if cards, is signed card in egg inside chicken. It is an impossible card to location effect with tons of laughs too.
    If not closing with cards, my final act revolves around robert houdin using L&H chest. Most people know Blaine and Angel doing effects "cheating death", Houdin saved lives by proving his magic was stronger than the Marabouts.
  9. I use Invisble Reverse as a opener. Gets them fuel up.

    Then use something that involves a double lift. Get wonderful reactions

    Close it with a ACR as the ending as Card to Mouth. All hell brake lose.

    Really varies when I perform. If I don't have Invisble Reverse set up I go with the biddle trick.

    Then go with Sloppy Shuffle Triumph.

    End with the same ACR.
  10. I like to start with

    inscrutable by john Carney

    Go into a collectors, usually chad nelsons using the clipshift

    Then end with sanverted by John carney, which feeds right into dr. daleys last trick.

    You can say that's four but the last two basically mesh into one trick

    that's a little routine with four aces or any four of a kind.

    I guess if im doing any three tricks not really trying to link them id say

    card to mouth

    here then there

    carbon paper
  11. It depends. I have a few routines.

    If I'm performing with cards:

    I may do Invisible Reverse, followed with an ace cutting sequence, and end with spectators cutting to the aces.

    I may start with Triumph, then go into a shuffle demonstration (that straightens cards out instead of mixing them together) which could be and oil and water, and then end with out of this world (yeah, it seems more impossible after 2 effects)

    Coins: I have the basic Copper-Silver transposition (with my own added ending), from there I either pull more 50 cent pieces out and do some sort of coins across or I might keep going with the 2 coins (something I've been working on...I need another c/s coin).

    I can make an opener or closer out of the Quarter Squeeze...Yeah I use it.

    Vanishing Pen cap is a good full effect that can be followed by clip-trip or some other office type routine.

    Other tricks I have ready for performance (encores, or things that haven't made routines yet)

    Gypsy thread (from shirt button thread, button removed and then tied back on after thread is restored...)
    Cards Across (I'm actually looking for a different handling then the one I learned)
    You do as I do : If there are 2 decks
    Instant reversal? Card inversion plot, I don't know where I learned it so I don't know the name of it.
    Card through table (hand, notebook...)
    Coins through table (meh, C-level material right now...needs work)

    Most of these are middle-tricks, Gypsy thread is a good encore or stand alone effect.

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