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    All votes are most appreciated in the "Any Effect" battle (link above). It's my first battle here on T11 and admittedly not as great as I'd like. But nonetheless, please take a look at our videos and vote however you feel.

  2. @ carameo - I love sponge balls, however I'd like to have seen a little more openness and fluidity in your moves. Great initital loading idea =) It's that kind of creativity that will get you places!

    @ C = B - Love your enthusiasm! It's great when you see a magician into the tricks he/she performs. A little long for a one-effect piece, however I still liked it =)
  3. i voted for you because the girl was hot Jk but really
  4. haha thanks guys.

    Yea, I have a blast performing. And not to speak for Carameo, but I believe that load is a David Stone idea, love it.

  5. Haha which means it was probably taught in FRENCH! So props for even going there haha
  6. i am sorry but i wasn't big on either routine, but I voted for c=b. both the tricks can be excellent if you polish them up some.

    For C=B, You looked nervous but you should also show more directness to the camera.

    For Carameo, All you gotta do is work on being smooth. the movements were just not natural but like i said just work on it and you will be awesome!

    I hope i am not being mean Cause i hate when i get critiqued lol:p
  7. Haha I am guilty of critiquing! I agree with my pal Ace to Z though. Just work on smoothness, and that's about it. I'm going to post up a video for all of you to critique the hell out of soon!
  8. that chik was pretty cute
  9. agreed

    Yah i voted for C=B because there was much more enthusiasm and confidence, plus it was live. Carmerio, did a good job those productions were nice, but it wasn't too smooth flowing.
  10. Thanks for the tips. Honestly, I don't perform for the camera... ever. I am a live performer, which becomes reeeaaally obvious when I get on camera.

    I sooo wish I had been filming earlier that night... She thought of a card that (thanks to a glimpse) was second from top. Double lift and bam... Pure magic... if only I had that on film.. darn.. haha

  11. That is freakin sweet haha
  12. Hahaha, who commented on YouTube saying I need to date that chick?

    haha... magicians...

  13. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to thank everyone who voted and posted their thoughts here.

    Also, wanted to thank Carameo for the battle, it was fun bro.


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