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  1. at my school there is going to be an open mike night and i would lov to perform some magic

    any suggestions for wat effects i should perform?
  2. Well, How many people will be there,

    Maybe Angle Zero, Control, or Indecent.
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    Just thinking of the scenario I envision Sympathy Cards by Paul Vigil. You will need a slight setup and maybe one random person to help out (perfect for this). You could look at it, me personally didn't like the shuffling but that is second to the outcome. You couldn't go wrong with this as your choice.

    [Edit] Or like heavy said, Angle Zero might work. You could write a poem to sympathy cards if so inclined. Lazy is the best way though (cause you don't need to think so much).
  4. I think he means what type of magic he should perform, not specific tricks he may not have. Try doing something that will appeal to the whole crowd, something everyone can see easily.
  5. Like Heckler said, do something a whole lot of people will be able to see. Stay away from the one-person style effects like "Control" and go for big, visual things like rising card with a jumbo deck...
  6. Heckler - he did say effects...

    I second Sympathy...
  7. I've heard great things about sympathy for the devil, plus Diplopia was great so I imagine sym. is just as cool :)

    If it's more of a cabaret sitch I'm not sure whether that kind of thing would be the best bet though, I'd go with some very simple to follow, direct stand up magic if I was in that position.

    Of course I'd sway to the mentalism side, stuff like Khan Artist by max maven is really easy to do and is very direct, pretty much everything off the Stage magic DVD of his series is worth a look - Contimental is great,but can prove problematic sometimes if people don't quite follow your instructions!!

    If it's going to be low lit you could do a nice d'lite routine to music, that'd be cool - despite the popularity among magicians, I'm sure it'd still be new to the people at your school. :)

  8. Ooooh yeah I can picture D'lites, or some Alain Nu mentalism.
  9. anything as angle proof as possible i reckon.
    Oh, make sure you practice a whole lot before performing.. get comfortable with whatever you're planning to perform. It'd be a total disaster if some1 spotted you making 'funny' moves or spotted something they shouldn't be seeing, if you know what i mean.

    If you have Ultrasmoke 2000, i would highly recommend you use it.
    I would avoid card tricks. Try something like umm.. say.. Flow? Wounded? Extreme Burn? Gecko (if you own this, u dun have to worry about the noise)? Anything but cards should be fine, cause i think card tricks are too common these days. Just my opinion.
  10. Lol Alain What a legend what about the picture duplication he did to you.
  11. He totally killed me, I perform it so much now.
  12. Im not sure of your time constraints but a 2-3 minute with Dlite's works great. Plus Angle Zero.

    (I have noticed that in a stage type setting it is best to have a envelope signed and sealed by yourself and hand it to some one in the audience and produce the corner there.)


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