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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phenomena, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I'm in the process of making the gimmick for Prophet, but I do not want to use 2 types of bills... for 1 fact I don't wanna spend upwards of $75 for a trick (Canada, no $1 here).

    I'm leaning towards a magazine, but what I wanna know is would anybody use a magazine, where 1 side is of something you wanna use, but the back is just text. Or does it really make a difference?

    my patter im thinking is along the lines of "i was flipping through a magazine, picking out things id like to own, but i don't have enough money" (then i do the change)-- something along those lines.
  2. Make sure you cut it out of the cover of the magazine becuase the paper inside is to thin.
  3. yea i gave up on the magazine once i convinced mother dear to lend me soime 20's and 5's

    the firts time i tried (before she knew what i was doing) i followed the directions wrong, so my gimmick was umm..double faced? lol

    when he keeps saying "head in, and head out"
    but then has the head the opposite way...sortve throws me around
    but anyhoo i got it, its drying, gotta trim a bit after

    topic can be closed i guess
  4. Personally, i scaned some bills (20 euros and 5 euros) to use for the effect.

    I made them the same size with photoshop and then i printed them through publisher (duplex printing), so i got my nice replica bills.

    People dont understand that they are fake unless they touch them...

    P.s. Photoshop somehow scans the bills and understand that they are banknotes (that happened with the 5 euro bill). It gave me an attention notice and it wouldnt let me print them through photoshop. Anyway you can edit them and print them through another application

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