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  1. Any recommendation for books that teach organic magic, or tricks that use everyday objects (don't use cards (and keep coins to a minimum)). (Mostly cause I am bored due to all the free-time (more practice at least) and I'm just interested at a part of magic I ain't really looked at yet)
    Preferably cheaper books (cheaper being less then £15) unless it is well recommended.

    (Also any online resources will be good as well, I used to enjoy one of Jay Sankey's series with everyday objects but stopped after the Daniel Madison thing but I might return to it again)

    So far I only really know off the top of my head a trick with a ring and headphones I learnt somewhere, and a few variations of a Monte with an object under rocks etc.
  2. Take a look at these books:

    1. Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic by Martin Gardner

    2. Lifesavers by Michael Weber

    3. Art of Astonishment #1 - #3 by Paul Harris
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  3. Thanks for the help - can you help me with a few details though:

    1. Bit too expensive might save up if you recommend it:).

    2. I can't seem to find a store that has this (all of the ones I looked at seem to be discontinued - think the last print was 2012:(? so I would probably have to find it on amazon or something)

    3. Alike 1 (Or I could buy the books separately if so art of astonishment #1 would be best, yea?)

    In your opinion (if you have read them or know of reviews) would you recommend the Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic by Martin Gardner or Art of Astonishment #1 - #3 by Paul Harris?
  4. I'll add The Magic of Jonathan Friedman - The Musical
    Tricks with Guitar Picks, Chop Sticks & Fortune Cookies, Paper & Pen, Cards & Common Coins, Gum, Post-its, a drumstick, a marker, & even a Peanut.
  5. Neither a book, nor less than $15, but teaching pretty much what you're looking for, is Greg Wilson's "On The Spot". It has some great material in it, and the only props you'll need that you can't borrow "on the spot" (because their existence should stay hidden from the spectator, not because they're gimmicked in any way) are a dime and a key.
  6. @Sodapop, do you have this book? If so, what effects do you recommend?

    Unfortunately, Art of Astonishment is mostly cards, then coins and then objects like shoes, oranges, etc.

    Second the recommendation.
  7. Self Working Table Magic By Karl Fulves is what you’re looking for. It is inexpensive and well worth it.
  8. Very true. But at least a radically different type of card magic, in my opinion. :)

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Street Magic by Tom Ogden.
    Street Magic by Paul Zenon.
    I don't have The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks by Tom Ogden, but if his other book is anything to go by (and the reviews are trustworthy) then it will have non-card magic effects too.
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  9. “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Street Magic” by Tom Ogden — An underrated classic lol
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  10. I keep suggesting that but anyways, it's good for me that it's underrated.
    I'm one of the few who have been able to absolutely exploit that book then! :D
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  11. On the Spot is the first thing I wanted to recommend as well.
  12. Exactly!

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