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  1. This is a control to the bottom, and I was wondering if it has been published before. Any info would help. Thanks!
    The password is magical
    I didn't want a layperson finding it, thats why its on there.

  2. Ya, its called a cover pass. Usually its done with only using 1 card as the cover and the selected card is controlled second to the top so its ready for a shapeshifter or something. I don't know where its published but i'm sure its published somewhere.
  3. Yeah pretty similar to a cover pass but i like your method. I just tried it and it is pretty easy to make it look like nothing was done to the deck except for squaring. Also it's a great way to cut a card invisibly into the deck. I might try this out on some people if that's ok. Thanks for sharing..
  4. Yeah I see what you mean. It's slightly different moves, but the same concept.

    Yeah thats fine, thats why I put it up. Thanks for the interest
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    Cool...i'm already thinking about different ways to use this. What other applications have you used this for. Just wondering...
  6. I really like I may have to use that
  7. The idea is indeed the cover pass - Greg Wilson published something very similar (using a top block cover instead of just a top card cover) in either Card Stunts or Pyrotechnic Pasteboards, where he uses it as a variation on his Backstage Pass technique.

    Nice job though!
  8. wow that totally fooled me
    very nice job, i might just have to try this outt

  9. The main I thing I use this for is to get into a gamblers cop, and steal it to my pocket.That usually gets pretty good reactions. Also, copping it, and letting them shuffle the deck. This lets them feel like they mixed it up comletely, and you just put it right back on the bottom =]
    Thats what I frequently use it for.

    And to everyone who wants to use it; Thanks! Glad I could help :D
  10. Cool, that's a great idea!
  11. this is actually called the tan hoc won pass.
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    thank you!! this gave me so many ideas, 11 to be exact.
  13. It works...

    As mentioned before, the action you are doing is just a cover pass, using multiple cards as cover instead of the usual single card. The sleight is not original.

    On the other hand, I don't see why you would use this as a control to the bottom. It's a lot of work for something that can be achieved more quickly and is less invisible by many other sleights... such as a cull. If you are having trouble with your cull, try picking up The Roadrunner Cull (DVD) by Kostya Kimlat. You can PM me for more info on his DVD.

    As for your multiple-card-cover pass, it looks decent. But, as a said before, it's a whole lot more work and has angles that something simple like the cull does not. Is there a particular reason you can't use a cull or a pass?

  14. every control is good to me. i like it cause you can make it invisible in a square up.
    i control it to 2 card from top,bottom, 2 to bottom.
    but you are right benjamind it is a lot of work.

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