Osh Negash B'gosh

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Gui42, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. hey!

    does any one have a performance video for this??? cuz im trying to learn it from the Slightly Magical PDF... and i rly like the effect it would suit me perfectly...

    so, does any one know where i can find it?
  2. AndthenSome DVD is where you can see it performed. You can't really do this effect on camera as it might show a bit of exposure for the one part.
  3. yeah, but do you know somewhere else? imean... i aalready have the explantation, im just a bit lost :)
  4. I am yet to see a performance of it. Just buy andthensome not only do you get to see osh negash b' gosh performed but you get the best DVD ever. lol.
    If I can get a camera man I will put it on tape and give you the link.
  5. well i thank you very much :) and of course i plan on getting the andthensome :) i must be unfreakingbliavably awsome... andthensome....
    (damn im tired of seeing those little jokes with the dvds name hahahahaha :D)
  6. The dvd is not that great, but yes this trick is on the dvd. The explanation is great, explained well.
  7. Why would you say it is not great what held it back from not being great?
  8. Because you can't really perform the osh negash b'gosh, because the colour change is quite difficult to do invisble, requires lots of misdirection. And encore (this was the one with the 4 aces right?) is quite obvious also.

    i have a lot of magic friends and they could not figure it out, let alone a layman.

    the color change is easy, two things is neccessary to do it, TG deck flip(this move takes a bit of practice, and it's even easier cause you only flip the deck one time)

    And misdirection nearly every trick needs a bit of it, and thats achieved with patter, showmanship(controling your audience)

    other tricks that require this much misdirection are card across, hand to mouth, and those aren't to hard. but they take practice just like any other trick.

    if you think it's hard to do that means you don't want to put in the time to learn it.

    and there are alternatives to the color change, variations, make your own.

  10. This is no excuse, basically saying the effect is difficult. I agree it isnt easy but after some practice I am able to use it in my performances. Its not hard to tweak it a bit to make it workable.
  11. Not to knock on the twins' technical skill, because it is amazing, but, if I wanted to wow my audience with the technical skill behind the sleight as my main attraction, I would have gotten into contact juggling. The trilogy and the andthensome dvd fails in comparison when it comes to hard hitting magic. Sure, the spins, flips, fun pop out moves look flashy... but if you are the type of magician that wants hard hitting magic, the "flashiness" takes away from what the trick could have been.

    Now, on the other hand, if you are the type of magician that wants to be known for his amazing technical skill, flourishes, etc... than the Twins' DVDs are what you need and will be your "bible" so to speak, but as for "magic", doesn't even come close to well-planned patter, timing, slow performance of any classic trick like an ACR, biddle trick, force routine, etc...
  12. The Buck Twin's style has already been discussed elsewhere.
    As for the question, I will make a brief video for you later on,
    If someone hasn't already,
    Tom Field
  13. I know alot of people liked it, and i love the buck twins work.

    But the dvd was just WAY to hyped up, like it was pure gold or something.
    I just think its over rated. (Again nothing against the buck twins, their work is great)

    But this isnt the place to be discussing the dvd
  14. That is what i wanted to say, you just say it alot better

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