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  1. http://www.theory11.com/wire/dalton-wayne/osmosis/

    Dalton Wayne
    Theory11 (Wire)

    Ad Copy:

    You can take any object up to the size of a cellphone and have it melt right through a soda can. The object can be signed if desired. It even works on factory sealed cans of soda. You are able to show the can 360 degrees around before and after the effect, as the object really IS in the can. Your hands are completely clean and empty.

    You will also learn how to draw anything you'd like on the can itself, and have that vanish/change into whatever you want! For example, the spectator can freely select a playing card. After attempting to read the spectators mind, you then draw random lines onto the can. After a quick shake, the lines move to form the spectators card.
    Another effect you will learn in this download is how to expand the letters on a can of soda and have them visually revert back to their normal state.

    After each effect, you will be able to hand the can out for examination!

    Sounds impressive doesn't it?
    That's because it is.
    I remember Dalton showing me the trailer a few days before he posted it for all to see.
    I rarely get completely stumped, but he got me. Bad.
    Two thumbs up for Osmosis.
    On with the review.


    Object thru Can.

    Thoughts: Obviously, this is very cool. Coins, keys, cell phones, etc. It all works. However, this is not my favorite use of the gimmick.

    Vanishing/Moving Ink

    Thoughts: This is my favorite application of Osmosis. It's very cool. It's easy, and you can set this one up on the fly.

    Growing Logo

    Thoughts: As Dalton said on the video, this one didn't get the reactions he expected. It IS cool, but it's more of an optical illusion type of deal.

    Methods: Dalton teaches two methods of putting objects in the can. Putting objects in empty cans and full cans.
    I prefer the first. If you think that it being full matters, it really doesn't. I just like the method for the empty can more. All boils down to preference.

    Clean up: This was my biggest issue at first. I thought that the lighter clean up was he was going to teach, and I started to freak, because I did not like that way of cleaning up at all. Then the second method came on and all was well. No worries in that department.

    Quality: The video is in very clear HD. You can't ask for more. It's easy to follow along with.

    Teaching: DREADFUL. Absolutely dreadful... I jest. Dalton is a friend so I have to poke fun at him occasionally. In actuality he teaches everything in detail, and you should have no problem learning from him.

    Duration: 56 minutes. I was surprised at the length of this. It's fitting though, as it provides ample time to recap, etc.

    Overall: I really like this. It's a great effect(s). I haven't decided if I'm going to use it or not, but I do really like it. Great job Dalton. If you haven't gotten it, it's well worth the $10.
  2. Looks interesting. Would you mind me asking if you have to carry around the same gimmicked can everywhere, or can you just set up the gimmick with any empty can? Thanks.
  3. I should've touched on that. You do need to carry around a gimmicked can.
  4. This would be too good to be true, but is it examinable while the object is in the can?
  5. Not digging the first part of that sentence. There is a trade off for everything.
    Here's the deal: You can show the can 360 degrees around while the object is in the can. Dalton goes over various ways to hand the can out for examination with the object still inside. It's very convincing.
  6. This looks incredible. The full can just....blew my mind. Wow. Can you really penetrate like a borrowed cellphone into the can, hand it out and crack it open, Sinful style? if so, this is what I'm buying next. Probably in any case o_O
  7. You can't put a cell phone in a FULL soda can. That would be a very bad idea. But yeah, you can put it in an empty one. And yes, you can hand it out with the phone in there.
  8. Wow. Haha a full can would be a horrible idea lolol. Can you cut it open in front of the spectators? I can't think of any other way to get it out. o_O and what experiences have you had performing this bad boy?
  9. Yes, yes you can. You can indeed cut it open and hand it out. I actually haven't made it yet. I want to, just missing one component to make the gimmick. I'm too lazy to drive to the dollar store to get it. I plan on making it today, though.
  10. I bought this and I have to say, the teaching is great, the effect looks great..... however, it's not very practical to carry around an empty gimmicked can, and even the factory sealed can isn't practical to carry around with you all day.

    Putting a cellphone in a can looks brilliant, but they are immediately going to want to grab the can and check, which will spoil the illusion. ( and you might think Audience management.... keep them from grabbing it ) ...... yeah I suppose, but I really want my spectators to be involved and If I make a coin appear, a chewing gum restore, a card change.. I really want them to be able to hold/touch/inspect that and be part of the magic.

    My opinion is this.... if you're doing a school talent show, or filming for a showreel or TV special then this is a great visual.

    If not and you actually want to borrow a coin and borrow a can and create the same illusion, then track down Sinful by theory11 artist Wayne Houchin.
  11. That's my thought as well. If you want to put a signed coin into an unopened can of soda, why not just do Sinful by Wayne Houchin? It's totally impromptu and completely amazing.
  12. Well, you can't please everyone. I thought he did a good job on Osmosis. I really like it, but to each his own.
  13. I thought this was very creative, I love Sinful, it is a fantastic effect, but I know the people I have shown Sinful to would go crazy over this as well, seeming as both methods help cancel each other out.

    What I love about Osmosis is you throw the coin into the can, no funny business after that, you can show the can 360 and the coin is in there! I have a nice subtlety I will email Wayne about for the clean up of items larger than the mouth of the whole.

    If you performed Sinful with a signed coin, (we all know the limitations) and then imagine doing Osmosis a little later, throwing an object too big for the opening of the can inside. I know the stories people say about my Labelled illusion (they are completely exagerated and blown up out of all proportion, which is GREAT!), all I can say is this will be exactly the same case with Osmosis, especially if used with Sinful!

    Nice one Daltonious Waynaximus,

    Ben 'let's go throw some objects in cans' Williams
  14. Also you only need to carry the gimmick around, it is easy enough to set a can up on the fly, especially if you are a prepared magician! ;)

    Ben 'I reply to my own posts' Williams
  16. I'll have a chat to you at BP Ben, Osmosis 2.0 allows for borrowed cans and a SAWEEEET clean up! I'll show you when I see you!

  17. thanks for the review bro :D
  18. Making the gimmick requires some time for a clumsy person like me , so I hope for Osmosis 2 it would be a better one !

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