Other hobbies?

Oct 4, 2022
The biggest have been classical guitar, studying and learning languages, sinopaleography, brewing from malted barley and homegrown hops, painting D&D minifigs (and playing D&D of course), making chainmail armor, drawing, dyeing shirts, aprons etc. with fabric dyes, wax resists and tie dye, artisan yarn dyeing, Western and premodern Chinese calligraphy, French horn, arrowsmithy and fletching, and some pretty serious cooking and baking. Lesser ones: making ceramics and underglaze painting with cobalt, painting in watercolors and acrylics, molding glass, carving name chops in soapstone and microsculpting, leathercraft, treebark painting, antique collecting, and photography. If physical activities count, Matsubayashi ryu karate, medieval archery, racquetball, SCUBA, and spelunking. Probably more that aren’t coming to mind right now. And now, beginning magic.


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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
My hobbies changed throughout the years as I aged or moved but some have stuck with me or I came back to them.
For instance Magic is a hobby I did a little bit in my early 20s then rediscovered again in my mid 30s. But a constant since childhood has been gaming; board games, video gaming, and tabletop role playing (TTRP).
I’ve painted miniatures off and on since my 20s, it kind of goes hand in hand with TTRP.

Some of my past hobbies included comics (still enjoy them just don’t draw or collect much anymore), martial arts (Isshin Ryu), models (aircraft, cars etc), Magic the gathering…some of these I may return to one day. But for now my schedule is pretty full!


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Sep 13, 2008
I'm pretty heavily into weight lifting and fitness.
Reading, video games, movies and shows with the wife.
I do some crafting as well - leather work and blacksmithing.
Travel whenever possible.
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