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  1. Hello everyone!

    I hope you are all safe and sound! I wanted to ask you what kind of magic you think should just dissapear due to being outdated? I personally think this kind of magic:

    1.- CD magic
    2.- Rope Magic
    3.- Magic with silks

    And a lot more... but I feel that it has run it´s course... of course you can adapt some concepts to create newer magic and apply old concepts to today´s culture... but I would like to hear your thoughts
  2. Anything that uses racist or sexist presentation or props. There seems to be a few of these things still on the market today.
  3. Agree. Most of the routines were never that good. I also have read a couple routines with videotapes.

    Disagree. While a lot of rope magic wasn't good to begin with, there is some good stuff out there. You just have to make it relevant. I do a lot with Scouting, so I can relate to tying knots. Also, you can make some good jokes if you are tying someone up with rope.

    I think they can still be used for kids magic because they are colorful. I've seen some good routines for adults using color changing silks, twentieth century silks or silk to egg.

    4. Color Changing Knives (I know... Ascanio and all that, but I've never thought that was interesting)
    5. Run Rabbit Run / Hippity Hoppity Rabbits (Screams "I got this at the magic store")
    6. Floating Table (I've never seen it performed well - everyone dances with the table)
    7. Anything involving a iPhone (its technology, not magic)
    8. Slates (use a white board instead) unless it is in a spirt routine (ghosts don't like white boards)
    9. Any routine where you say pick a card.
    10. Any routine where you find the wrong card.

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  4. Examples? Because I'm having a hard time coming up with anything that is racist or sexist.
  5. Maybe the trick where you pull out silks from somebody and lingerie comes out... I do see it been used by magicians in a sexist way...
  6. Floating table has been used to the death by LOTS of magicians that look for an easy ending (myself included) I use my slates as normal chalkboards when doing mind reading... about 9- 10... the same with ropes... there are a couple of tricks that are awesome.. but most of them are trash....
  7. I have to disagree about rope stuff. While there are some overlong routines, in the right hands these can be quite magical. However, the few things that I do never involve ONLY ropes. Pulling a ring on or off a piece of rope or string can really amaze people, especially as some of those things can actually be done in their hands or even in full view.
  8. I'd argue that the trick isn't inherently sexist. I've performed it for my parents in-law and they found it funny.:) If you follow a simple rule of treating your spectators and volunteers with respect, you are fine. The same could be said about how to treat other people in life.
  9. What you guys think about using doves in magic nowadays?
  10. I vote a yes, UNLESS, the magician uses it solely for the irony.

    I think any magic, even the most out-dated kind, can be upgraded if the performer's persona and creativity allows it to. They can be adapted.

    However, I feel that magicians should use effects with stooges very carefully now. In fact, I always felt its a very vulnerable kind of magic in the bad way.
  11. I'd like to respectfully disagree. I think there is a lot of bad phone magic out there (i.e. The Invisible Deck app), however there are some effects using an iPhone where (imo) the tech feels secondary. Especially because many of these can be performed almost exclusively using a spectator's phone. Even though it's overdone, I know some solid effects using the TOXIC force that usually play well. WikiTest is one of my favorites as well, especially because there's one part of the method that isn't and can't be done with technology. Earworm is pretty cool although I haven't really had many opportunities I've also been having fun with digital force bag although that app (along with Timeline) are probably best used in the context of another trick.

    Making the phone feel justified is important obviously, but I think in many situations (if played off well), one could justify it simply because of it's convenience to the situation.

    That's just how I feel though.
  12. I definitely think CD's need to go for sure.
    Rope magic has been and will continue to astonish and entertain when performed well and not just a boring version of Professor's Nightmare with no patter.
    Being a child's show entertainer I'm going to also say "keep" silk routines. They can play very nicely for young children and also entertain adults as well. Think "Princess in a Pickle" routine by Silly Billy.
    As far as sexist material....hmmmm...the Goshman sponge dong might not be appropriate anymore unless you are working a stand up comedy act possibly.
  13. I think they will be gone in sometime.. due to treatment of animals (even circus has banned animals) or using animals for entertaining purposes... other than that... maybe using it in a modern way (and by that I mean without a frac a las lance burton) it could be a nice surprise in a show.

    BTW.. I used to have Ravens for this kind of magic...
  14. I think they are a lot of concepts that can be used in a modern way... but old magic by itself cannot.. simply because people nowadays are not familiarized with certain concepts or objects (top hat, canes, silks, etc)

    Unless is part of your character...
  15. I'd argue that it was never appropriate (despite having bought one years ago on clearance)...
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  16. We sold a lot of them at the magic shop I worked at. But even for San Francisco in 80s it was likely still inappropriate in a public shop, though were mindful of when we performed it.
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  17. True, once I was using a white board while calling on the ghosts to reveal the design of the card an audience member had chosen (because obviously that sounds like something ghosts usually do), but they didn't come. I repeat, using spirits as assistants, highly unreliable.

    You're actually right. I used to think that the audience won't react as much for 'phone magic' because they'd think it's just technology and if they installed an app, it'd be the same. But videos show otherwise (note: I haven't performed them and I'm aware that the 'phone magician' might be selectively showing the reactions).

    HOWEVER the phone magic which attracts me is the kind which incorporates a phone instead of everything happening in a phone. Like, maybe me calling somebody on a phone, or the reveal of a card being texted to them by me even though I haven't touched my phone, or something related to people choosing things on their phone (favourite song out of their playlists), cracking their passwords (a simply organic way to include a phone, because we all are afraid that somebody will just guess our password, steal everything and render us homeless), a photo of somebody holding a blank sheet of paper, which converts into a photo of them holding a sheet with the card's name...you get the idea.

    All of these naturally incorporate a phone without us having to explain them.

    True. Maybe as a gag though. Or as you said, it's part of one's character. I'd add that it could also be a part of that routine itself. Maybe the entire routine is intended to feel vintage-y.

    Any prop which clearly looks purchased, when used in magic, is one of my biggest pet peeves. There are stars drawn on that card, or there is 'MAGIC' written behind that item, or it's cheap plastic and looks suspicious, how am I supposed to believe you?

    If somebody likes a prop from a magic set, they should find a real-life item replacement, or just create it themselves.

    Magicians shouldn't look like bigger geeks than we naturally are (my opinion).
  18. I know its not quite phone magic but I saw a gimmick where a card passes through a phone but its piece of metal made to look like a phone I thought it was kinda interesting

    Now for rope magic a lot of people don't have nor have used rope so its harder for them to relate I saw a routine of rope magic but he used phone charging cable it was much more relatable
  19. French Kiss.

    Good luck trying that trick in our 'new' Covid world!
  20. How about doing 20th Century Silks / Baffling Bra but instead having a face mask appear between the silks?
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