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  1. Does anyone know any kind of effect where you ask someone to think of a card over the phone and you can correctly guess it? Does an effect like this even exist?
  2. You could do a psycological force.
  3. Or I have seen it done when you are with the spectator and you call one of your friends to "identify" or "reveal" the card that the person who is with you just picked. Normally this is done with a code between you and the person called. It plays very strong because the spectator gets a completely free choice....card is not forced.
  4. both ideas sound great, do you know any material where I can learn how to execute a psychological force?
  5. Have you heard of double feature? It would be a good place to start.
  6. And Patricks DF is effects using a phone not effects over the phone. However on a side not his Heptagon is an amazing resource of material which can be performed over the phone.
  7. Get the book "Person to Person" by Lewis Jones, it's packed with phone routines (that's what it was written for). I've used this material for years.

    Richard Busch's "Number Please" (? - I think that's the right title) is a fun bit as is Bill Cushman's "The Fource" (which has numerous applications)
  8. In david blaine's book mysterious stranger he describes and teaches an over the phone card naming effect which he claims is so powerful, that it is the reason he was given his first TV special.
  9. . . . and politicians always tell the truth when their lips move.

    While a remote effect over the pone or radio can open the door for you to get in to see the right people and make your pitch, it's NOT going to get you a TV special and can frequently rub promoters and talent buyers the wrong way, so use with caution and always take the boasts of TV egos with a small Ukrainian salt mine.

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