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  1. How do I clean plastic cards? It says that they are 100% washable on the packet. I have heard some use talcum powder to make them fan or spread better ( that's kinda the main reason I wanna clean my deck. Also I have heard talcum powder is really BAD for your cards) and even some people putting their decks inside refrigerators to keep them new and smooth.

    But I wanted to ask everyone here once before doing anything to ruin my cards permanently!
    Some easy home-made ways to make decks last longer than just a few months of constant (more like regular)use.
    Expert's opinion right? :)
    PS:-am not a cardist. Mainly because am not that good at it but I am good at finding other excuses for it :-D
  2. If it says they are 100% washable, they are. Try it out with an ad card or a joker, and see if they do

    I don't think that a refrigerator will necessarily work on plastic cards. In fact, due to the nature of plastic cards, I doubt they will get ruined unless you absolutely mash them up. I would suggest a card clip, or put them under a couple heavy books for a couple days if they are warped, but that is more so for regular paper cards. I think your fine if you are using plastic cards, but I may be wrong (I'm sure someone else will help you).

    No idea about the Talcum Powder, but if the cards are washable, you might as well try it and clean them if it doesn't work. I would think you use a damp paper towel or a regular damp towel and wipe them, then dry them. I know fanning powder is something some people use, but it seems to make the cards clump together as opposed to making them smooth? I don't have any experience with it.

    May I ask why you are using plastic cards?
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  3. If they are plastic cards you can just wipe them clean. Everything you are mentioning, like talcum powder and the fridge, is meant for paper cards. Also, don't put paper cards in the fridge or freezer. They'll be great for a few minutes and then condensation will ruin them. Talcum Powder is basically a poor man's replacement for fanning powder. Fanning powder is meant to coat the entire card in a fine layer of what is essentially ball bearings. If you do it right, they fan and spread very well after applying the fanning powder - that's why it's called fanning powder. It's also kind of toxic, so don't breath it in.

    All of the 100% plastic cards I've seen do not spread well or fan well. The materials just don't work like paper cards do. It makes things like doubles easier, but they will probably never fan or spread well.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Also...about the plastic cards, well...mainly because of their longitivity.
    Never actually sat down to think about it. Lol
    But the reason now I think about it, is probably just that, an average plastic deck lasts longer than an AVERAGE paper deck.
    And if I am woefully wrong, feel free to reprimand moi !!!
  5. They fan fine, but I'd rather not comment about there spreads (lmao)

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