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Hi. I'm a beginner, on my way through the Royal Road to Card Magic. I've been studying overhand shuffle, riffle shuffle (the basics) for a few weeks now, I definitely need to get the overhand shuffle right before moving on, and I keep having troubles with that wondeful injogged card. Sometime it goes too far from the deck, instanty being noticed, sometimes not enough and get lost with the others packets falling on top of it and so on...
I've been searching through the forum to find good advice but I don't seem to find the kind of advice I'm looking for. So let me ask my question now.

What's your advice to make me feel like it's not a matter of odds to gain perfect control of this injogged card, to do it quite deceptively or, to put it that way, to gain more than 100% confidence with it?

I know practice is one of the answers I'm looking for, and that's what I'm currently working on. But maybe some little "things" that are part of our very own way to deal with that card.

May 7, 2008
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for the injog card just predend like it not important, and outjog others cards over it so is looks natural.. (sorry for my bad english)

also talk while you shuffle it's a good misdirection and don't forget that a laymen doesn't know what an injogged card is soo do them it should only look like you shuffle the card like a mess...

and welcome to Theory11 dude

..like dude....
Nov 23, 2008
I can't remember how the Royal Road teaches to hold the cards for an overhand shuffle, but in Erdnase it is suggested that your left little finger pokes out of the short side of the deck towards you and the in-jog should cover the little finger. The little finger keeps the card in position and doesn't let it slide in or out.
Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
It will be okay if it is out more than you think it should be. The key is eye contact. When you shuffle the cards it should seem like a formality more than anything.

Any time you shuffle the deck just casually say something while looking up into your spectators eyes. Practice in a mirror with your own eyes, with a video camera, or even with a poster of someone famous.

You already said practice was the key, and it is. Try practicing, as royal road briefly teaches, in-jogging it about a half inch. When you can do this every time try and bring it in a little closer. And then a little more. You'll eventually get use to in-jogging it a very small amount and will be able to do so without watching your hands.

If you practiced the original overhand shuffle more than you needed then the in-jog will come more naturally.

Hope I helped some, feel free to PM if you have any questions.

Nov 30, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
Practice is definetly what you need. But one thing that helped me out enormously when I would lose the card, is to do what someone said earlier, and put your pinky finger along the short side of the deck facing you. Then, injog the card to the edge of the pinky. This keeps the card in place, and so its not sticking to far out.
You cna find this in Erdnase if you want to learn more about it.

Best of luck =]
I use the pinky, as explained in the Royal Road and Card College.
It's almost smooth now, I realized while practicing that my main problem was because I wasn't able to run single cards properly.

So I practiced that, to find the best way to run single cards smoothly (as a matter of fact i found that applying slight thumb pressure against the cards was helping fall alone instead of having two or three fall with it).

Now whenever I need to injog, I run a single card.
But the other element that I prepare for the injog is a specific position of my little finger. It must not be further than the edge of the packet in my hand, otherwise the injog is messy and way to visible. and when the card have been injog, I apply pressure with the pinky so that the injogged card won't move anymore with the othe packets falling over it.

Now with practice I'm on my way to a good injog, I still need to practice it without looking too much at my hands.

Thanks for all the tips, it helped!
Jul 16, 2008
austin, tx
Something I've tried in order to keep a fairly big injog without people noticing is to, in conjunction with the pinky comments, move your left first index finger OVER THE TOP of the deck, covering the edge about the width of your finger (so the deck doesn't show on the other side). This creates a new "slot" in your hand to run the cards into in a neat fashion, and all they can see is the top stock of cards.
Jan 31, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Unless you specifically need to run only one card you can actually injog a small block of cards(5-15) using the same pinkie method which might even look more natural.
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