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  1. I'm 32 and starting to learn magic (late I know but always loved magic so thought why not now). I started watching YouTube then bought 'Royal road to card magic' & 'Expert card techniques'.
    Royal road starts with the overhand shuffle and all the moves, however watching YouTube I very rarely see the overhand shuffle, is this something that's no longer used?
    It looks like it's cuts, riffles & fans I see now.
  2. Cuts, riffles and fans look more impressive for camera, however if your goal is performing to an audience in person, the overhand is still the shuffle most familiar, and disarming to the, if you learn all the controls taught in RRTCM, the shuffle looks exactly the same as they may do it but you can accomplish a lot with it, but your moves will be beyond suspicion because you are "just shuffling" the cards.

    Everything has it's place, learn the overhand, even if in the style you end up developing, you never use it in performance, it will inform so much more of what you will learn later.
  3. I use a over hand shuffle constantly. It’s so easy to insert a card into the center of the deck and control it to any position (including a palm). Every Magicians handling of cards is unique. Some are very slow and deliberate while others are so fidigty and haphazardly that it seems like they couldn’t possible handle a deck well. You just need to decide what you’re comfortable with and what fits your style the most.

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