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  1. I am a complete novice in magic and I am working my way through The Royal Road to Card Magic. I only been practicing for a bit over 6 months but I find the I can do the Hindu shuffle cleaner and faster verses the Overhand Shuffle. Since I am this board I decided to ask you professionals. Thank you to all who take the time to read and respond.
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  2. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is easier to control cards using an overhand shuffle. It is easier to cover the back of a stranger card (different colored back) using a hindu shuffle. You can't force a card using an overhand shuffle, but you can with a hindu shuffle. If you are just shuffling cards, it doesn't matter except that in some areas of the world one shuffle or the other may seem more natural. Learn both and use the one best suited for the effect you are doing (which could be a riffle or faro shuffle too).
  3. As said above, learn both, use the one you're better at. I use the Hindu force. I use the Overhand Shuffle control. I use both of them to retain cards as and when required.

    As long as the deck feels (notice I didn't say 'looks' or 'is clearly) shuffled, it's alright. Thus I'm naturally implying that judging which move to use by virtue of 'cleanliness' might not be the best way to go when performing for non-magicians.

    Both are great for specific purposes.

    PS:- Thank you dear magicians of the past, ignorant about other cultures. I'm still waiting for the Christian Shuffle.
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  4. As other members have pointed out, it is useful to be able to do both shuffles well. Since the Hindu shuffle seems to come more natural to you, I see nothing wrong with using it the majority of the time. Spectators notice when we handle the cards naturally (and vice versa) and when we handle the cards smoothly and naturally, we are less likely to arouse suspicion. Both the Hindu Shuffle Force and the Hindu Shuffle Control are highly useful moves and can be very deceptive when executed cleanly. If the spectators see you using a Hindu Shuffle just as your ordinary shuffle, they are essentially being trained to accept it as normal and natural for you. Then later, when you use the Hindu Shuffle as a force or as a control, nothing will look out of the ordinary and you will be able to accomplish a force or control quite deceptively, and without arousing suspicion, when you need them for a trick- which is the goal. Enjoy!
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