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  1. i am from egypt and i think that orea in egypt is different from usa orea and i am going to perform this in arabs got talent in lebanon so should it be usa orea ? can i perform this surrounded ? after restoring the cream can i hand it out or can i eat it ? how many times can i perform this effect ?
    i am searching for effects to perform for arabs got talent i have decided to perform overstuft as an opener then stigmata (classic force but iam afraid they dont pick that card )
    any help for tricks to perform there ?
  2. As long as you have a sandwich cookie in your area that even remotely resembles your gimmick, you should be fine in that regard. The "fill" can be performed surrounded, but not if you wish to display the cream, eat it, and THEN re-fill it; you can't have anyone behind you or to the direct right and left. The effect can be performed as many times as you want for all intents and purposes. If you are afraid of the classic force, then use a force which you are comfortable with, especially on a contest show such as that. It is ALWAYS better to do what you know. :) Hope that helps.
  3. Actually you can have people on the left and right if you block it properly with your hands. Just be aware of your angles.

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