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  1. I would say I'm pretty decent at palming, even though the cards are larger than my hands. I auditioned for the high school talent show with a simple card to pocket routine, which requires me to palm a card, and later the whole deck. I somehow got in and fooled the judges. I realized that when you have to palm cards that are bigger than your hands, you have to rely on misdirection more than most magicians. But I still have a question regarding my palming technique. When I palm a card, should I close my windows and leave the corners of the card exposed? Or should I palm a card that hides the corners, but leaves windows for the card to be seen? I can't decide between the two methods.
  2. If you are finding it difficult to hide the card using classic palms you may want to take a look at angled palms like the "cop" or "Perpendicular palm." They may be better for you if you have smaller hands. Another option (as you already have mentioned) is to rely more on misdirection. Lately I have been playing with fire a bit to see what I can get away with (not real fire, but basically doing very bad palms) to see if it flies over their heads. Im talking about literally just taking the card off the deck without palming it but literally just putting it in my pocket and they STILL do not see it because I misdirect them. Give both a try and see what you can come up with.
  3. A lot of people have this problem. I personally do not because I have large hands. However, if you call no attention to it/misdirect/keep the audience engaged with YOU and your words you'll do just fine.
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  4. I only gained the confidence to palm cards after learning it from Harry Lorayne's "The Magic Book" and seeing him teach it in "The Best Ever" collection.

    It really is more about attitude and confidence than it is about technique. You should, of course, strive for perfection where technique is concerned, but the way Harry does it is in a "I don't care" kind of manner and that's why he's never caught.

    The moment the card is palmed also has to be done at a time when attention is away from you and the rest of the cards; and your card to pocket trick is the best trick for this. I have remarkably small hands that have lots of windows and I never get caught palming a card this way.
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  5. I love Harry's way as well. I have big windows too but whenever I palm a card they are usually flipping over other cards, dealing cards or just looking at me while I talk.
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  6. Hold your hand naturally and look at it. There are windows. When palming you want to divide the "excess" card between the windows and the edge - a lot the wider windows and a little overlap at the edge. Also, play with the angle of the card in your palm. With palm up, the more clockwise the card, the more it sticks out the edge. Move it a bit counterclockwise. Ultimately, you have to find a balance between those adjustments.
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