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  1. I am really wanting to learn palming techniques. I love the possibilities with something as simple as a One Hand Top Palm or even just a top palm that is done very effectively.

    Jay Sankey refers back to the One Hand Top Palm on A LOT of his DVDs, and the Top Palm is taught on the Kaos DVD. I have no problem with getting into the palm. My problem is the palm itself. Well, my palm. My fingers of my right hand, when held together have 5 windows in them. Also, my hand doesn't seem wide enough for a card - a corner either sticks out to the left of my pinky finger, or if it is concealed there, then a corner sticks out between my thumb and pointer finger.

    I have been trying, but it seems like a lost cause. Could anyone maybe help me out?

    Thanks, Rob
  2. Jason England has a one-on-one for palming.

    As for your hands, maybe a video would help us understand your problem?
  3. I thought about maybe just getting Foundations.
    And yeah, I may be able to get a video, or some pictures
  4. Read Erdnase, it's effective and it's free.
  5. Sure, read Erdnase. I did, but it was a GREAT help to have Jason explain it through a one-on-one! Don't just limit yourself to ONE resource.
  6. I have the Erdnase PDF on my desktop but I may look into Foundations anyways just to have a few different learning angles. It was like this with my classic pass. I could do it, and pull it of with just eye contact with the spec but I wasn't great at it. I bought Jason England's one-on-one for it and watched it through a few times, and it improved A LOT
  7. Try bending you hand more. It will look more natural and it might get rid of the windows. Don't be afraid to bend the card. Also if you are good with monitoring angles, having a corner pop out will not matter. Look at a gambler's cop. Half the car sticks out but the hand and angles cover the rest. Just some thoughts.


  8. Exactly, don't be afraid to bend the card. You want your hands to look as natural as possible, so making a fist with your hand on the table makes it seem like there couldn't be a card in there. You can always bend the card back when you want to reveal the card somewhere else. A good tip that works for me is to have somewhat sweaty hands so the card sticks better and push the card up into palm further away from your fingertips. The thumb crotch, with a little bit of tack to it, should secure that card in place and reduce flashing points.
  9. Cool thanks guys I will try some of these idea's!
  10. OFF TOPIC: You guys know where I can get a pdf file for erdnase ?
  11. The learned pig project has it, but you have to get a password, and that can take a while. It's worth the wait though.

  12. Here you go:

    If you can't figure out the password, it's Erdnase.
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  14. Yes, it was just copy/pasted from your post. I'm using my cell phone to post this andthis site isn't the most mobile friendly website to navigate from a phone. I just found it easier to copy/paste the portion I needed instead of using the quote feature on here. I'm not trying to take credit for finding the pdf or anything just wanted to help him out.
  15. As for the windows thing, you are just going to have to force your hands to constantly close them. The more you do it, the more your hands will get used to it, and it will end up being an automatic natural thing. The other thing is misdirection and the fact that when you palm a card you aren't going to be holding it there forever. You will either instantly load it into your pocket/wallet/whatever. That is also where simple misdirection comes in handy.
  16. No, I just didn't think anyone actually reads my posts. That was quite interesting lol.
  17. Aww I read 'em buddy.

    Has anyone thought about clasping their hands together for a moment naturally? That kind of makes the palm angle proof.
    You can just do something like say "SO" as you clap your hands together and then explain...whatever. Or you could try whatever patter and then at the end say something like "Got it?" and add that clap as a bit of a punctuation, making eye contact as you do so. Its a thought I've had but I haven't played around with it really.
  18. A lot of people don't get away with a palm because they aren't confident doing it. They either stare at their hand to make sure it's hidden or they look scared and nervous. A lot of people are afraid of bending the card and their hand looks like a tiny curved piece of cardboard. Unfortunately, I got caught palming a card once because I showed these signs, however I learned from them so that's always a good thing. Just keep in mind to not worry about if everything is concealed, but to make sure everything is natural and no attention is brought to them. Just act like absolutely nothing is there and nothing WILL be there (to the spectators).
  19. Ok cool.

    . . . . . . .oh and I read your posts too haha

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