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  1. Hey guys. I have a quick question on Pandora. The only part I'm having problems with is the part where you transfer the top packet's corner to your pinky. (It's at the very beginning. Right after you just placed the card into your left hand) I've seen some people do it really smoothly *cough* JordanLapping*cough*. =P Any tips? Thanx!
  2. practice.

  3. Wow. Thanx for the help. LOL. Anything else?
  4. No problem! oh another tip is to keep practicing!

  5. WOW! I got to now! Thanx to you!!! I would of never thought of that! Man. You get a pat on the back for that! =)
  6. 1. practice
    2. clip the packet your gonna transfer between the ring and middle finger, then when u take the card just reach over with your pinky (wow its really hard to explain)
    3. watch the explanation agauin and again and again
    4. practice
    5. practice

    hope it kinda helped
  7. Don't worry, it's not just you - I'm really struggling with that part as well. Guess I just need more practice:p
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    Thanks for the kind words, FatalAce. I'm glad you enjoyed the performance. :) Here's a tip to allow the Tornado packet to swivel smoothly onto the pinky, as the single card is taken into the left hand:


    As the left middle fingers grasp the single perpendicular card, the right pinky should be about to make contact with the upper corner of the to-be Tornado packet.
    2) Once the right pinky has made this contact, try and keep the right hand as steady as possible - as the swivel only really happens due to left hand movement.
    3) Because of the momentum of grasping the single card in Step 1, the left hand will be moving. Continue this movement by bringing the left hand down -- again, the right hand barely moves.

    Note: You'll find that the Tornado packet is now gripped onto the pinky and is facing the audience. The only problem here is in the weird hand grips -- the right hand is fine, but the left hand is way far down.

    4) Now that the left hand is pointing down to the floor, do not pause - instead bring the left hand back up to meet the right hand (not vise-versa). This creates a sense of the packet spinning almost on its own, whilst other things are happening around it (such as the single-card grasp).


    Other than that, it's purely down to practice. What I love about this flourish is that so much is happening in a short space. Your fingers aren't really causing the initial spin or rotation of the packet, but merely the left hand moving down - and then back up to meet the right hand. With this in mind, I'd suggest checking out the Trilogy explanation; you may find some other subtleties to help you get this down.

    I hope this helps,

    P.S. I'd also like to mention, the right ring finger is constantly behind the Tornado packet, during both the re-grip and the display. The only time the ring finger moves in front is during the actual Tornado Cut prior to Phase 2.
  9. That really comes down to personal preferences.
    When I do the big display I keep my ring finger on the center packet, not behind. This gives you more control and the ability to make an alot better display. It also gives you a smoother transition to the tornado spin.
  10. Perhaps for the initial display, but the ring finger does play quite a big part in the pinky re-grip as I explained earlier. If the ring finger does not end up at the back when the pinky has just contacted the packet, the Tornado packet will not face the audience - and this is wrong. The whole objective for the ring finger is to keep the Tornado packet where it should be, and not twist and turn when unneccesary. :)

    Just wanted to mention that so that no-one begins to the believe that they don't need to use the ring finger for the re-grip explained earlier.

    Warm regards,
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    Thanx for the tips guys. Especially Jordan Lapping for the really in-depth explanation. I will be sure to try it out. =)

    EDIT: I have just one more quick question on Pandora. After the Torado cut, I'm having a bit of trouble pealing off the card from the middle packet. The packet always falls down. Any tips?
  12. You might wanna try to have a tighter grip on the center packet. Just press harder with your pinkie.
  13. Yer, Im having the same problem...:(

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