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  1. Anyone know where I can find a tutorial for Pandora? I really dont want to spend like seventy dollars to get the dvd just to learn the flourish.
  2. are you retarded? exposure is not allowed on THESe forums. you want that go somewhere else man
  3. Oh dear, you're gonna get flamed. It's not considered good practice to ask for tutorials for commercially marketed tricks or flourishes, especially on a site which the creators are involved with. If you want to learn it, you have to get the DVD. To be fair though, I don't think it's seventy dollars just for the Flourishes disk of the Trilogy.
  4. How is asking for a tutorial for a flourish exposure its not like your explaining the methods to a trick. I mean seriously if you think teaching someone a flourish is exposure your retarded.
  5. They might have Pandora on sale On Demand at

  6. you'd make dan and dave homeless if that statement is true.

    dan and dave are making their living off this stuff and you expect it to be free...?
    they can sell as they please. take it or leave it.
  7. i suggest buying the flourishing dvd for $30, which you get awesome explanation
    you get the explanation for pandora and other ones
  8. The only (legal) way is to get the flourishes DVD from the trilogy... end of story
  9. nope dude
    i just checked
  10. Ok I'll be sure not to ask that again. I understand that these are commercialy created flourishes and people have rights to the material, but you have to understand after browsing endless videos on youtube and seeing tutorials for commercial flourishes I really didnt realise that asking for a tutorial was a big deal. I mean they show countless tutorials on Decknique, but i do understand that these are variations of other matieral. My mistake
  11. Ok before we jump to conclusions, lets look at the positive.

    He could have meant, and I am hoping that they had it as a 1 on 1 or instant download somewhere. Some 1 on 1's come from DVD's, so it is possible. Lets wait for him to clarify before we rip his head off.
  12. While it's not exposure in the traditional sense of the word, in that there's no "secret" being given away that spoils a magic effect, it's still not good form. The reason being, Pandora is an intellectual property, in the same way a book or a film is. Maybe not legally, but certainly ethically. In the same way that distributing a pirated film steals from the creators, distributing or watching an unauthorised tutorial of a flourish takes money away from the inventor. Basically, don't do it. If you want something that costs money, you have to pay said money.
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  14. I agree with you dude
    its better if you buy the dvd because if u learn it from "X" source you might be learning it incorrectly, so its always better to learn it from the creator himself
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    lmao nice one
    but really not one go to that link
    trust me
  16. dang
    well he can either get the flourish DVD or nothing at all
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    I clicked on that with a pretty good idea of what I would get, but I got a whole lot more than I bargained for....well played sir.
  18. Think of it this way...
    Exposure for a sleight isn't REALLY teaching magic. It's just showing what most people don't think of...
    Most people don't think of lifting up 2 cards, as in a "double lift". It's not magic, but teaching it to someone would be exposure, indeed.
    Now let's apply that to the flourishing sense...
    No one else would think of something like that. Exposing it would, in fact, be considered "exposing".

    Both magic sleights and flourishing are both things most people don't think about. I believe a sleight and a flourish are similar because you're doing something no one would think of with your hands using the same object.
  19. dummmbbb...... just buy the flourishes dvd .....=(
  20. Thank you, thank you.

    I removed it because people might get viruses and stuff though.

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