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  1. i preformed panic at a basketball game to a friend of mine, through it he was saying stuff to expose me, but when i finished, he was amazed and said it was a string or something, i said "no, its magic" or something like that. then he said do it again. those of you who have this trick know its almost impossible to do the trick again right after its done. I simply said "its so hard to do, im worn out from it and too tired to do it again" or " i cant do the same trick twice, its against the rules ;)"

    and again later, someone asked me to preform the kings trick, and i wasn't prepared, so i had to decline it.

    so basically im asking, have you guys ever done it twice in row or resetted it. or, how do u go into it, if you do at all, when it is requested?

    PM me if you can't reply w/o exposing
  2. no i think panic is not a good trick to do twice in a row or even to the same people, just tell them no
  3. I think you might have to look at the problem a bit closer.

    I don't want to go into too much detail now but it feels like you need to establish more authority when you're performing. I don't know the circumstance of the performance, but it should be clear that you're a magician, and not a lap dog. If they're trying to expose you midway through the performance, you have an issue.

    The next thing you have to ask is, why did he want to see it again? Was it because you were suspicious? Was it because you presented the trick like a puzzle? Was it because you didn't win him over as a magician? Some people are naturally suspicious and want to work it out, so it's up to the magician to perform in such a way that makes the spectator focus on the magic, rather than the secret.

    As for someone asking you afterwards... "Well so and so's already seen it, let me show you something a little bit different. Do you really wanna see something weird?"
  4. if your character its to tell people you have "real magical powers" then you should tell them that but on the streets, because if you tell a friend you tell you have magical powers something like this will happen:
    lets say you performed healed and sealed for a friend someday in the past.
    weeks later he goes like: im thirsty, could you refill this can with your powers?
    that wont work, so for your friends you should tell them its a trick.
    and if someone ask you to do panic again, just tell them that you are going to show them something else

  5. listen to the man, hes knows what hes talking about.

    I never do a trick twice for the same person, i might do a variation of the trick. but never the same.

    I know the kinda people you perform for, seeing as how i went to the school lol

    All those kids know you, and know its a trick. They also, all want to know how its done. Your not going to get away with anything twice, so don't bother.
    I know how mad logan and cameron make you when you try to do something for them, they would piss me off too. most people at school are going to act like that,.

    I dont think any has really answered your question on how to get it set up again, i cant help you with that because i dont know how it works.

    Maybe you could do some kinda sandwich routine with the kings after, just a thought.
  6. I suggest that you don't present it by itself. Do a few really amazing tricks and don't present them as a "Look what I can do!" type thing. Try to present them has either magic or experiments. Then end the show/whatever with the effect. Maybe before you do it. Do Revolution #9 or something.

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