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  1. Paper Engine: Aaron Fisher's Paper Engine is now in it’s fourth printing, and experts worldwide agree that it’s perhaps the most significant work of it’s kind to see print in decades. When you are ready to take control of your card magic - when you’re ready to become an artist with cards, this book will change the way you think about magic.

    So I actually got this book earlier today, and right when it got into my hands, I couldn't take it out! I was waiting on this book for a little while now and was nervous about a couple things.

    The first thing is that, I am not the most intense reader or expert reader so I hoped that it was not hard to understand of anything Aaron was saying. But my answer to this is, not at all. It was very clear detail by detail on what you needed to do. Not only that but it also came with pictures! When I first started reading this book the words taught so many steps I didn't even really feel like I needed the pictures!

    The gravity Half Pass? Okay, so alot of people are extremely curious about this pass. I was one of those people. This move or pass so he calls it is a huge part of the book so far from all the reading I've done. He takes you step by step of your finger grips, cover, etc. and lots more that you would need to know. Now, If you've seen him do it in his videos do not expect to be able to do it like him at any point soon. Just telling the truth. Not that it is an extremely hard move to accomplish but will take some practice like everything in magic and also in life!

    Thought's and Commentaries- This is after every single thing he teaches you. I found that I am not learning as much from it as being interested. Although the thing about having the thoughts and commentaries after the tricks for me was that instead of reading it you just wanted to get straight into practicing the trick or sleight and read on to learn others, I had a tough time a little to want to stop and read these sections of the book. But they are still very interesting when I do.

    Through out the book there is many other moves and tricks including the simple sandwich, half pass variation, one handed popover, search and destroy, revolution no. 9, and a lot more than just that. That was just to name a couple.

    Overall I would definitely reccomend this book to anyone, like Aaron says intermediate in card magic and above. Because there are pretty difficult sleights you will have to learn.

    Great book, buy it.

    Oh, and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

  2. This is super high on my wishlist and it has been for awhile. It sounds like you were not disappointed at all. I really have to get this thing...
  3. yah i was nervous when i first ordered it to tell you the truth, but it is really definitely worth it!

  4. Thanks for the review! Once my dad's finally sober again, I'm going to order this book! Been waiting on it for a while and I hope to get it sometime this week :D
  5. im ordering it tomorrow hopefully, i cant wait!
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    You really have to man, it is awesome;)
  7. jake's right, it is difficult, it will take practice, and it's very tempting to skip sleights/tricks etc., and it's very technical as well, but all in all it's just brilliant.
  8. umm.... ok? anyway yes this really is such a great book and i think anyone looking to step up there game should purchase it!
  9. Jake,

    I told you not to get this book. Only great material is found in DVD's.

    Nah more sarcasm,
    Glad you bought the book and have enjoyed it.
  10. haha yah i have trouble listening i guess :p
  11. This is a fantastic book, and the material is allot easier then you frist think.

    The explanations are fantastic so if you really take your time to really study the book you will have most of the moves down quit easy.
  12. Really? Let's see you do some of the material.

    And I mean this in the nicest way...I'm merely curious how easy it is to you.
  13. Super mega easy.
  14. well, you never know he may have alot of it down. Although I would love to see you make a vid and post in the media section. I will too soon. But the way it sounds you got it all down. So like the other guy said I am kind of curious...

  15. Jake said Paper Engine is in its 4th printing...has the content been altered / added / expanded upon since the original? Or just an update to the cover etc. Thanks!
  16. Yes! Tomorrow I will be buying this along with Sinful: A graphic Novel, Thread and Art of Magic.

    I think it will be a great buy. :)
  17. The content is most likely the same as it was in the Hardcover version. He just most likely updated the cover, maybe added a bit more to the introduction pages and that's pretty much it.

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