Paper Plate Magic

Jun 13, 2008
Hello All,
My name is Max, and I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me show off to a small group. I'm an RA at my college, and every year at the end of the year we make an award for the other RA on our floor out of paper plates. Last year I turned mine into a magic trick - you might recognize it - and it killed for all the RA's (A clip of it in action should be included below).
I would like to do something similar this year, but I have been pulled in so many directions for different classes that I haven't begun to brainstorm. I know I want to make my plate this year incorporate Disney as my C0-RA loves anything and everything Disney. Perhaps some of you may have some ideas you wouldn't mind sharing or perhaps naming some tricks you know and/or love that I might be able to use as inspiration to make something cool this year? It would mean a lot to me and the person I'm making the award for if any of you can help. Thanks!
Tag! You're it,


Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
Hey that's really sweet man! I know you could achieve a similar effect with a Frixion pen. A paper plate's kind of a funky shape, you surprised me with your creativity man!
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