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    Hi guys ! My name is Adrian,i am from Ukraine and i am also huge fan of theory11,magic and cardistry.Best art in the world :) ! I have a question that quite worry me.I actually have 4 flourish DvD's : Genesis v1 by Jikh,everythingelse by D&D, Dangerous by DM and Solo by MJ.So the question actually is about such dvd like papercuts.Will it give me some additional and usefull experiance ? or it will be easy for me due to the big amount of learned material ?

    P.S. thank you for evrething :)
    with respect from Ukraine,Adiran
  2. Papercuts has a good range from simple to difficult. I'm sure you will find something in there. Plus the extras and interviews are informative as well.
  3. Thank you alot for your answer ! :)
  4. I personally love the flourishes on papercuts, and if you can do most of Solo by MJ, you will find most of the flourishes in Papercuts a walk in the park (with practice of course).
  5. To be honest I won't recommend Papercuts

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