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  1. As you may have seen Theory11 just released a new mentalism tool .... ParaPad. I am extremely interested in this, but first had a few questions maybe some of you could shine some light on.
    First and foremost, my original question would have been, "What happens when all the paper has been torn out?" but after reading the ad copy it say's that there is re-loadable paper. What is re-loadable paper? How does it work? How many sheets of re-loadable paper do you get? And what happens when you run out of the re-loadable paper? In the ad copy it also states that you do not go near the the pad, which I do not understand because it is an impression device.

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  2. Hi Tom, I am also interested in this as well and have another question which I want to ask to someone. Will any UK retailers be stocking this in the near future, primarily Propdog Magic? Hopefully someone can answer our questions, ParaPad looks like a dream to have!
  3. Hopefully. Shipping is ridiculous, especially after Brexit. The shipping costs more than the product it's self. I think propdog will stock these as they did with Chaos by Mathieu Bich.
  4. I purchased Chaos from them about a month ago, I love it, I'm trying to add more mentalism stuff in my routines as something different, hopefully I can get hold of this from them, wish you luck too!
  5. I really think that Theory11 and other companies such as ellusionist should invest in a warehouse in the UK. The UK is probably their second largest consumer after the US.
  6. Yes, I should think so too, it would be much easier to gain their effects, without worrying about shipping costs and questioning whether UK magic shops will get more theory11 tricks in stock
  7. Hi Tom,

    Great questions! Because it is a spiral-type notepad, you will be able to open them up and insert new paper (this is taught in the instructional video by Franco). Included is a stack of extra paper, and once those are out, you will be able to purchase refills from us in the near future. Without giving away the method, you do not have to see their piece of paper at all to be able to divine what they are thinking of. Let's say they are holding onto the pad and draw a picture of a flower on the paper with your back turned. They tear this paper off and crumple it up and put it in their pocket. You turn around and place the pad back in your pocket. In just that quick moment you know that they drew a picture of a flower. It's incredibly simple and easy to use.

    Hope this answered your questions!
  8. Casey, do you know If you'll be shipping to Propdog in the UK or any other UK magic shops? Thanks,

    Kind regards,

  9. Oh, I thought the adcopy meant that you don't need to take the pad back, which I thought was ridiculous as it's an impression device.
  10. Haha no - that was in reference to the page they tear out. You don't go near the page they write on. :)
  11. Establishing a warehouse in another country is really expensive.

    It basically means you're running two businesses. You need a staff for that warehouse, logistics contracts for various shipping companies, insurance, two inventory systems - the overhead alone is cost prohibitive.

    Basically, what you pay in shipping now would be shifted to the product cost to make up for how expensive it would be to maintain two separate warehouses.

    Regarding ParaPad:

    This is a great product. ParaLabs has been selling versions of this for ages, and they are considered some of the best impression pads on the market by most people who use them. The paper is replaceable because, as previously mentioned, you just spiral in a new stack, easy peasy. I don't personally use one, but I'm considering picking it up. My only hang up is something I can't discuss in an open forum. I have seen the workings on a couple different mentalist lectures, though.
  12. This is a wonderful release. I've been wanting to buy an imp pad for a while now. After reading many reviews and discussions on pads, I came to the conclusion that this is the best 'working' pad that's not electronic.

    It's great that T11 is offering this, it's really a top mentalism tool. The packaging is cool, the video is nice and has all the details you need. Also, the presentations and ideas you can come up with are limitless. Can't wait to try it out this weekend...
  13. does anybody know when this product will be back in stock
  14. When will the refills be available for this?

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