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  1. I'm looking for a good mentalism device and found parapad.
    It looks and sounds great.
    Anyone reviews about parapad? Should I buy it?
  2. It's definitely one of the best impression pads out there. When used correctly (which is not difficult) you get a really clear impression.
  3. Thanks for the help
  4. I LOVE it!!

    It’s a great effect! Especially good when you combine w other effects
  5. Looks great! How many performances can you do with what comes in the package? And, can you purchase more reloadable paper here at T11 after running out completely. Thanks.
  6. You get LOTS of paper already with the pad + a refill (two if you count the ungimmicked pad)

    Refills are available - but you could probably get some made up at a stationary shop
  7. its a bit pricy, but its definitely a great trick, comes with tons of paper and doesn't require a lot of practice to get started. The pad is only the first part of the trick however, you must sell the routine by acting like you can really see into their minds, rather than just looking at the peak and blurting out the thing they wrote.

    I'd give t 4/5 but only cause i feel its a bit overpriced. other than that its awesome, high quality tutorial and high quality paper.
  8. Does it require a gimmicked pen as well?
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