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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am currently on vacation in Paris, France and I wanted to know if anyone knew of any good magic shops in the city - preferrably one where they speak English and it isnt too much of a tourist trap.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Hello, you can go here

    "Le magasin de magie"
    13, Rue du Temple 75004 PARIS
    Tel : +33 1 42 74 06 74

    easy to go, check on google map. It's not far from the "hotel de ville" subway station ligne 11 and also not far from "Chatelet les Halles"

    But It depends, what do you need ?
  3. Here are two more shops.

    The first one is probably the biggest one in Paris.
    You can find it near the Eiffel Tower.

    The second one, is the shop owned by Dominique Duvivier, in the center of Paris (near St Michel) You will find all his very cool products.

    Magic Dream
    16, Rue George Bernard Shaw
    75015 Paris, France
    +33 1 40 56 02 01
    Metro : "Duplex"

    Mayette Magie Moderne
    8 rue des Carmes
    - 75005 Paris - France
    - 33 (0) 1 43 54 13 63
    Metro "Maubert Mutualité"

    Hope this helps ;-)

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    Thanks very much guys. Im not really looking for anything specific - just a place to go and hang out and talk shop.

    Also, is language going to be a barrier when I go to these shops?
  5. if you speak to them in english (or in french !) , you will not have any problem to communicate ;-)
  6. As Mathieu said, MagicDream is the biggest magic shop in Paris.
    It's also one of the best shop I've seen, it's really clean and there is a lot of stuff in there.

    I had a little bit of trouble finding it a first, but once you know where it is, you'll spend more time in there instead of eating french bread beneath the Eiffel Tower....

    Have fun in Paris :)

    Oh, by the way, on wednesday nights, starting at midnight, head for Saint-Michel and look for a small bar called "Le Shywawa"
    There's a magic club in there, you might meet some of the best card handlers in europe. (Bebel, David Jade, Ratcékou, etc.)


  7. Sweet, thanks a lot guys. And I think I'll pass on the bar :)
  8. No i dont have any information about magic shop.
  9. Hey mathieu ..thanks for the magic shops .. but do we find yigal messikas gimmicks there .. thanks :)

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