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Jul 31, 2015
Hello guys I have been into magic for 5 years and I would say mentalism about 2 of those
I was asked to do a mentalism show in a living room in front of about 15 people
I am very confident in my mentalism. Just hav questions about how to routine this
The way I set it up right now is

•Baby Gag
(By Devin knight Spector picks a celebrity from a Svengali forcing pad and I pull out a baby pic do the whole gag then pull out the pic of the celeb they picked)

•Bob Cassidy's 4 th demension
(An awesome one ahead principle effect where three people think of something and i read all three minds

•Devils nail
(A Russian roulette routine with a nail under a cup tht the person mixes up and I smash all the cups except the one with the nail under it)

•All About Eve
(A brand new boom test by Steve dela Wher you Hand them The book
And THEY open any page and pick any big word and I start revealing letters with out even knowing the word until I finally reveal the whole word)

•Psych Touch
(Talk about how all people have a connection and touch one person but the other feels it)

•The Known
(End with this after the connection I take it a step further and hav one of the ppl peak a card and the other find it using the known principle I build it up and ends with a bang)

Should b about a 45 mins long

What do you guys think about this set up
I wanted to incorporate
•prediction (baby gag)
•mind reading (4th dimension)
•mind sensory (Devils nail)
•connection btw people(psych touch n the known)
•a book test (all about Eve)

Let me no your thoughts



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Nov 1, 2009
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A mentalism show should focus on a demonstration of the performer's ability. When you display too many different abilities, it weakens your performance.

You start out with a demonstration of preminition or prediction in that you know what they picked for the celebrity name. You then go onto a mind reading. The Russian Roulette routine seems to be demonstrating an ability to sense where the nail is. The book test is back to mind reading. Psychic touch is demonstrating your ability to show a psychic connection between two people and the card trick is, well a card trick where the spectator show they can find someone else's card.

I would start with a tossed out deck routine. I like Wayne Dobson's in his book WD-40 - it has a nice playfulness to it. It gets the audience involved in the show. This is a demonstration of mind reading. Another good opener is the T.A. Waters effect that was published as part of the first Essential Magic Conference DVDs (chocolate coins are picked by the the audience but one wrapper contains a real silver dollar inside - you determine which one it is by asking questions).

Then go into the 4th dimension. This shifts to a serious note.

Then do the Baby Gag but make sure you have pictures of all of the possible people they could pick. Do the gag and say, that would be really good if I could do that, however, I need a little feedback from you. Show them all the pictures and have them try to show no reaction. Eliminate a bunch, thus narrowing it down to like 4 pictures. Ask them if it is one of those four. Set them up so the card is the third. Then go through each one asking them to say that "That's not the one I'm thinking of" as you show them each picture regardless of whether they are thinking of that picture. After they say it for the selected picture start to go to the next picture and the look at them and say "You were just lying." This is the picture you are thinking of." Again, this is mind reading.

Then do All About Eve.

I'd add another effect or two here that are presented as mind reading. There is a lot of great stuff in Max Maven's columns in Genii (you get access to all of the old issues on line with a subscription) or his book Prism. There is a lot of stuff in Anneman's Practial Mental Magic or Fulves' Self Working Mental Magic or Anneman's Jinx.

I'd get rid of Psychic Touch and the card trick. It doesn't fit into mind reading and makes your show look like a bunch of tricks rather than a demonstration of skill or gifts.

The Russian Roulette routine should be your closer. Set it up to be mind reading. Have the spectator mix the cups up so only they know which one has the spike. Then as you put your hand over each one, have the spectator hover their hand over yours. Then proceed to smash the first cup. Put your hands over the second cup and look at the spectator. Smash it. Put your hands over the cup with the nail, look at the spectator and then shift midway thorugh our downward movement and smash the other cup and then immediately reveal the spike. Let them know that this is the last thing you are going to do in you show. I'd joke that it may be the last thing I ever do. This is a great closer.
Jul 31, 2015
Get advice as always reality one
Thanks you
I love tossed out deck
But this is a small group of family n friends tht know each other. Tossed out deck to me is better used on a group of Strangers that do not know each other. So afterwards they can't ask each other what card they had and possibly ruin the effect
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