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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by AaronFisher, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Today has been really exciting. This morning Lee Asher, Wayne Houchin and I woke up in the middle of the woods about two hours north of Toronto at the Sorcerer's Safari Summer Camp. We packed the kids up, got back to the city and finally got our first glimpse the finished site.

    Right now we are every bit as excited as many of you are. This project represents countless hours of hard work by some of magic's finest minds. Take a look around - there's plenty of material to see and much more on the way. To get started, try taking a look at the video Wayne and Dana assembled to introduce the beginner's section of the site. I even learned something from that video myself, thanks to the insight of Wayne Houchin (master Pimp).

    Right now the three of us are in different parts of living room on our laptops, racing to see who makes the first post. Watch the magic, make some posts and take a look at the media. We've been holding this secret in so long we're about to pop. Now the fun begins - let's get to work.

    Aaron Fisher
  2. This is so exciting i have been here since 7:45 eagerly awaiting the arrival of this place. and it is finally here.

    Thank you guys so much for making a magician friendly place that has that urban look, The friendiness *yes its spelled right leave me alone* and the help we all need.

    You guys are bomb *WOot i beat you to 1st comment*
  3. Hey Aaron, Lee and Wayne.

    It's Brett from camp and i was on the site so fast it was crazy. Congratulations on everything and i'm lovin it so far. I'm behind this all the way, and the best of luck to everyone.

  4. This is awesome. I've respected all of you as magicans, performers, and people, and to see a project like this appear is quite something.

    Hope to make it to Sorcerer's Safari one of these years, assuming I ever get to miss football preseason.

    All the best,

  5. This is amazing to say the least, I wasn't expecting anything near this great, with some of my favourtie magicians on here (Houchin, Bayme, Asher etc.) This site is sure to prosper! Great job.

  6. awsome

    i respect all of you magicians and this is amazing that you are all here on this site. this rocks. :D
  7. Hey Aaron =D !

    YAY man , just YAY
  8. Aaron, This was totally worth the wait! Sorcerers Safari Ruled!
  9. I am really happy to see that their are still some respectable people trying to do good with our art.

    Thank you for your work so far,

  10. the existing of the site makes me EXTREMELY happy X)
    and WOW~ most of the favourite magicians are HERE~ X)
    OMG~ I am too excitied, dont know what to say LOL
  11. Rub it Aaron. I want to go to magic camp. My wife hid my sleeping bag. I almost took the kids Dora one...then I was really in trouble:)
  12. I was out all night since it was my moms birthday. Thanks for posting Aaron, your effect Panic looks insane. And uh, yeah thanks for this site.
  13. So that's where you guys are! I'm glad all of your hard work that's gone into this site is finally paying off.

  14. congrats on the new site,,,its lived up to the hype so far i look forward to many great things to come
  15. Man, you guys should of come down to Calgary and come to the vanishing rabbit and do a lecture there (while you were in Canada). I am a huge fan of cards and hope to expand my knowledge in my area of expertise.
  16. And you can stop by my house. I'm not to far away, just Portland, Oregon haha. ok maybe a little far..
  17. yeah that would be awsome :cool:
  18. great site

    great job:D

    is this website ( on google search.

    or on any search engine
    wondering because there were so many what is theory11 forums that use up the entire first page of the google search. :mad:


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  19. Excellent works guys, you've done us proud. Not only does this blow competition out of the water, but it actually seems that you guys care about this type of thing -- something that other magic sites do not have.

    Theory11 has begun.

  20. Hey guys, love the site, hopefully you can overtake the mislead Ellusionistm or better yet not become an E , i simply dont like em, but your effects look great.. , and i wouldnt think they were false advertised.

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