Pass the card right in front of their faces

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MaxDeVill, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Another thread was speaking about how they are anti-pass, etc... and my reply was that I really liked to get away with passing right in front of someones face. Today, after sitting around watching Xtreme Beginners again, I realized that you can use a card spring as a flourish and use it to pass the card at the same time. The spectators I've tried it on haven't caught it at all... and it works great for an ACR...

    "You see.. if I cut the deck in half... like a magnet, they are drawn back together again so your card can come to the top."

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. Yes, but for an ACR, instead of taking hours and hours to get my Classic Pass done perfect, I would rather do a simple DL and get it over with... much simpler, IMO. And, IMO again, I think simple is often better. You don't have to practice the sleights involved nearly as much, and you don't have to live in fear of your audiences busting you on that move that you've put so much hard work into.

    A term that I've heard for this is "magic masturbation". We are only doing it to make ourselves feel good when we fool an audience with a difficult sleight that could be accomplished much easier and with less fear of getting busted with a gimmick or a simple sleight.
  3. Magic Masturbation.. I like it.. lol seriously.. Nothing wrong with testing yourself by doing complicated things in front of people. You can buy a pinto to get from point a to point b, but you have a lot more fun doing it in a Ferrari.
  4. you cant replace a pass with a double lift, its not the same effect, you cant show them the front of the card being put into the middle of the deck on a double, you can with a pass
  5. yep i do the pass right in front of people inches away and they don't see it
    haha or actually they do if i leave there card face up
    the pass rocks!
  6. There are ways to visibly put a card in the middle of the deck, and return it to the top without doing the Pass.
  7. What is up with the pass anyway guys?

    It's a simple sleight and takes a few hours to get it smooth. There is only 1 suubtle move to it. In every forum there is always a thread about the pass. Are people to stiff to do it correctly? A pass doesn't need speed, just smoothness.

    This year is the year at school I've been doing performances almost everyday to different groups. Each group I have done the pass, right in front of their faces and surrounded most of the time.


    lol. I just don't get it. Are people not pattering enough?

    Are people missing the aspect of the pass and really "making" it as a move itself, like they think." ok ok....gotta do the pass now....crap..they are looking"
  8. The pass is a move to be used under misdirection. Every time I do a pass I do it under misdirection, so there is no need to get it done RIGHT in front of their eyes. You can do it under the figurative "cover of night fall".

  9. lol, That's absolutely awesome.

    Personally, I only use the pass if it truly enhances the effect and makes it more magical (which is rarely the case). Why? Because my pass isn't perfect, and although I can get away with it, why run if they're no one's chasing you?
  10. It's called misdirection my friends.

    If you want to do it right in front of their face, you better be sure on how to use it right. Kammagic in youtube does it really great.

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