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  1. My girlfriend is not a magician. But she loves magic. After doing some effects for her last night. She told me she never wants to learn how they're done because it will ruin it for her. She loves the art as a spectator and would rather not visit the rabbit hole. But we did have a session of teaching her card handling. such as fanning, shuffling, and she said she would love to be taught more handling techniques. Maybe even some flourishing once she starts to get it. Do you teach anything to people close to you or... anyone really?
  2. Tons of my friends ask me to private session with them to learn how to handle cards, etc...

    But after talking to them about magic for a while (in depth) it comes down to one thing, they just want to impress their friends. I have refused to teach many of my friends magic for this simple reason.

    Flourishing on the other hand is completely different, I'd say more power to her if she wants to learn. You never know, she may enjoy it so much she picks up magic herself.

    Looking forward to some others' response to this.
  3. yeah just some basic fanning, shuffling. i even attempted to teach the faro to a kid or to. but nothing beyond that.

    oh! and i taught the coin roll to quite a few people.
  4. I remember one time my brother who used to dabble in magic a bit, years ago wanted me to teach him Garcia's Torn and once I showed him the first few steps, angles, and handlings...he was like, "Woah woah waoh...just forget it."

    I don't people realize how much they are biting off to learn an effect correctly and learn how to present it correctly with patter.
  5. I have only been in magic for a 1 yr this july. Im not that good but I still get this senario every now and then. They want to lean some things and like Alex said they just want to impress their friends. They have no real interest in the art. These are the same people searching the depths of youtube for tutorials.

    I know a guy who goes to the bar I work at. I found out he was a magician and ask for some sessions. He said no. I had to prove to him I was serious about it and still am but has started to help me everynow and then.

    If im going to teach someone. I would like to know they are serious about it.

    I think is great that she wants to learn some card handling. I wish mine would take interest in it but she says its stupid and a bit childish while shes sorting her hello kitty and barbie collection.:rolleyes:
  6. I haven't taught anyone.

    Ladys and Gentlemen! The one! The only! DarkWitness!
  7. Well many close friends always ask me to teach them how to flourish, i don't see anything wrong with that. But the thing is that even after i do teach them, its still ultra hard for them to repeat it, they'd be lucky if they even remember the moves ....
  8. my girlfriend likes to learn things I do.
    Since she doesnt want the magic spoiled for her either she is learning just technique with cards.
    She has a mean second deal and sybil. She also has learned a few coin tricks from Bobo's book she stole from my room 3 weeks ago. That punk lol
    And she is also learning Muay thai from me and tiger kung fu.
  9. Honestly, I don't see magic as such a closely guarded thing that only the priveledged get to indulge in.
    If someone honestly wants to learn a piece of magic, then sure, I'd love to teach you a thing or two. If that person is interested into going further then I'd be happy to give him the resources for him or her to continue.

    Of course that doesn't mean I give away secrets, definitely no.
    It's only when a person comes up to me honestly and asks, "Can you teach me to do a few tricks?"
    I mean why not?
    It's pretty easy to tell those who just want the secret compared to those who honestly want to know a trick or two.
  10. Yea, mainly because we make it look so easy.
    They have no idea what we have to go through to accomplish the effect. Once you show them the method and they find out it's complicated, they think it's not worth it.
    Like most beginners, they want excellent results fast.
  11. When I moved to GA for a short time, I ended up meeting my good friend Denver, who was at the bar when I was performing. (And getting hooked up with free drinks alllllllllll night) hahaha...

    We got to talking, and it turned out that he has always had a passion for magic far beyond just catching it on TV. At one time, he had purchased some DVDs but quickly put them away because they were beyond his skill.

    So after our talk, it was decided that I would "coach" him. I told him if he wanted to take the art SERIOUSLY, that he would make every effort to do the things asked of him. Step one was for him to invest in Royal Road. So not only did he buy the book, he also got L&Ls DVD set to go along with it.

    Every monday night would be our "session" time. He would buy my pizza and drink in exchange for 1 1/2 hours of magic instruction. He practiced. And he got really good. He is still very much into magic here 2 years later. He is a HUGE inspiration to me because he shares this same passion for the art as we all do.

    If your friends or family want to learn magic, find out how much they are willing to "study". If they want a few "tricks" to show some friends, show them 1 or 2 cheesy little fillers. If they are willing to take your advice, read up on, study and LEARN the art, then we can safely pass the torch...


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