Patrick Kun :: Invisible Hands

I can't figure out how its done :'(

Its driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

Is it gaff cards? I'm thinking there has got to be some double stick tape somewhere...

^^ The above was my original question, and from all of the replies I have gotten, I figure I don't really want to know the answer. I'll just enjoy it as it is, and hope that one day, I'll be as good as this.
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Jan 8, 2010
I love the 3 fly principle being adapted to cards! Pretty sure I could recreate it so you'll just have to brush up on your knowledge ryan. And I don't think it's gaff cards, at least I know it is possible with standard cards.
Jan 8, 2010
To be fair you will probably be able to buy it for $10 or something soon ryan but as stated, if you study magic as a whole rather than what you want you will get magic vision and be able to deconstruct routines like this.
Nov 27, 2009
Out of respect for Patrick I'm not going to really try to work this out, but I do have an inkling as to the method, and it's a rather genius one if I'm correct.
Sep 1, 2007
Patrick is a good friend of mine, I remember he taught me this at Magic-con. I thought I'd jump in to say that this is one of those effects that looks absolutely breathtaking in Patrick's hands. I can't imagine anyone doing this routine nearly as well as he does, it's built off of sleights he's researched, tuned and perfected over years and years. It's a fantastic routine, I really hope he doesn't release it.
Aug 31, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
I created the same exact effect about a year and a half ago, my handling is slightly different. I call mine CardOne because it was inspired by homer liwag coinone effect...I created 3 separate versions of this...there is my original handling, my gaffed verson, and a take on my original verson where the hands never come together...also instar mine with aces and they turn to kings...and I end completely clean (except the gaff verson) but I must admit patrick verson is very nice...makes me wish I tried to release mine a while back. :(
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