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  1. Hi guys, last weekend I was doing some small gig for a friend and filmed some live stuff. Just thought I'd share with you. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Part 1

    Part 2
  2. I liked how you condensed Anniversary Waltz to where it's shorter and doesn't need a table. I literally started laughing out loud at how genius that move you did was. Would you mind if I used that sort of presentation? I already do AW but I really like the way you did it.
    I liked the second video a lot too, the effect with the coin melting through the deck was really neat. I enjoyed the chill vibe of you and the setting as a whole, it made watching it that much more enjoyable to see everyone was there to have fun and be entertained.

    Quick question, how was the gig structured? Was it like you do magic for x amount of time straight? Or you would perform a bit, chill for a bit, perform for a big, chill for a bit, and so on?
  3. beautiful work. The mark of a true professional. You perform with such confidence and perfection. I always look forward to your performances as they are real learning experiences for myself and I'm sure others.
  4. That was great. Such a learning experience. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to more videos! :)
  5. Love your style Patrick. I enjoyed them.
  6. Nice work Patrick, loved watching the performances. I'm assuming the coin through the deck was Jay Sankey's "In a Flash"? I used to use that routine a few years back.
  7. I'll jump on the "man-crush" bandwagon here and say that I really love how you simplify both the handling and the presentation of many of those effects. I really think that helps you to focus on your spectators better and give them a much more personal experience.
  8. I really like these performances. Unlike a lot of live magic videos, this is very high quality, calm, and the sound isn't crazy. I like the fact that everything you did was very simple, straightforward, and visual. Good stuff.
  9. Sure feel free to play with it. Let me know if you come up with any handling. About the gig structure, it was really casual. I was invited to his house and had dinner. There were a lot of children there so I did do some magic for kids but towards the end of the night, they call up everyone and I did like 10-15 minutes show as you saw.
  10. Thank you so much!
  11. Yep, great effect!
  12. Will do, thanks! Alright that's cool. I just wonder how really chill gigs are structured or brought up. Like on the "Control" DVD, the party Wayne is at is like 4 people, I'm just curious as to how that happens. Mainly because I would like to land me some of those haha :)

    Again, great work. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Awesome performance clip! Loved it!
  14. Hey Patrick, did you perform your effect vector, surge, center point, or inflict to these people. I would assume that if you do, they would be more than amazed!
    Also, have you ever seen or try performing the effect called Okito Voodoo Doll? It's where you lay the doll flat on your hand and make it stands upright. if not, I strongly urged you to check it out. There're so many presentational possibilities to go with this effect and it's one of those effects that your audience will remember for a very long time. Uses no threads or magnets by the way.
  15. I really enjoyed watching your performances. You've really honed in on your magic, making it fit your way of performing. Sometimes it helps to trim away some of the fat from a trick to make it work for you. With that said, you Anniversary Waltz was great.
    Also I need to ask, what type of video camera were you using?
    Anyways, looking forward to more videos by you.
  16. It was a very casual gig at someone's house so just a small group of people which was great. About the Anniversary Waltz, I just didn't like the long presentation of the classic and just want to make it more streamlined which I think went well that night. Andrei helped me shoot this video with his Canon 5D MK II.

    Glad you guys enjoy the video!
  17. Love your style mate! Really nice to watch and very professional!
  18. Not that I really know but my guess would be usually if you're friend is going to be there, they might recommend you or something. That's how I think it would happen. But I've never done one of these gigs, so I'm not too sure.
  19. Well that seems more spur of the moment, like you all are just chillin and someone says "Hey, do some magic!" Whereas with Patrick, it seems him doing magic was scheduled ahead of time, thus making it a "gig" and not a random performance.
  20. I didn't mean you being there WITH your friend and you just so happen to perform. I meant that someone you know is going to be at a party or something, and they tell the host about you and how they should hire you.

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