Paul Harris Presents FLOW

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mat La Vore, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. There's a thread on this on The Cafe HERE.
    I agree, it looks pretty sweet.

    In that thread there's also a link to a nice little Red Bull can trick.

    You have yourself a Merry old Christmas buddy.

  2. Oh...before I forget...

    HERE you'll find a thread about a new coin bend called SKIN.
    Looks pretty good. If you watch the trailer, it's the reactions of the spectators (moreso than the bend itself) that interest me. Also, while you're in there, check out COINVEXED by David Penn. Looks good too.


  3. weres this being sold???

    the toothpick looks crazy
  4. If it's coming from Paul... You know it will be crazy. Literally.

    Can't wait.

  5. sick that is great
    No gimmicks?
  6. Wow.

    Well that's pretty much the "neat-o."

    || sean ||
  7. Well I have watched the trailer at least 5 times and I'm still amazed. The toothpick just put's the icing on the cake...really, I am amazed. From what I've read it's very practical, and looks better in person. Just, wow.

    -Happy Holidays,
  8. timft yes when you purchase it, it comes with the dvd and the FLOW gimmick. If you visit the site it gives you at the end of the video you can read more about it.

    - Matt
  9. That's hot.

  10. Woah... Woah... What??
  11. I found the Skin trailer the day I found the Flow trailer. I agree--looks very cool. The coin bend he's doing is pretty much the same method I use, but the psychology he's put into it is much more than I'm doing now. I can't wait to pick up Skin and learn some new psychological techniques to add to my coin bend. Very cool stuff. I'm liking Coinvexed too. 2007 was kind of a week year for magic IMO. 2008's already starting off with a bang: Control, Flow, Skin. And later we have PH's True Astonishments coming as well? Damn.

    Thanks for the links, Rabid. Marry Christmas and Happy Magic.
  12. Haha thats insane. Im definetly buyin it when its released
  13. When is it coming out?
  14. Haven't said this for a while, but i NEED that!:eek:
  15. this really didn't look all that amazing to me.
    i'm pretty sure i already know how this ones done, purely from studying science.
    i don't know, but it did seem to get good reactions.

    in my opinion there is much better magic out there.
  16. My company shot, edited and scored this DVD and I can tell you that it does not use a scientific principle. The most amazing things you can do with this brand new principle have not been revealed yet.
  17. Does anyone know when FLOW is slated to be released?
  18. haha i definately gotta buy this when it comes out.

    i can see it now:

    you see someone with a bottle of water. walk up to them.
    magician: can i show you something funny with your water?
    spectator: sure why not?
    do the whole deal where they put theyre fingers over it and tell them to turn it over. you get under it.
    magician: im going to count to 3 and when i say 3 i want you to move your hand from under it. dont worry i will buy you another water
    spectator: ok
    magician: (hesitating count) 1.. .... 2.... .. .. ....3
    spectator: removes there hand and the water doesnt spill out. they scream and drop the water bottle right on your head. hahaha. lets hope that gimmick will hold the water in there if that situation comes up. :D

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