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  1. So, on, I have a bit of a problem with some Paul Wilson On Demands, and I'm wondering if you guys have the same issues. When I buy a trick, I would like to know exactly what I am buying. However, for most of Paul Wilson's On Demands, they show very little of the performance of the trick, and sometimes, no performance at all.
    Here is a rundown of his On Demands, and what they show:
    Cam Con Transpo - Entire performance without any cuts
    Con Cam Coincidencia (C3) - Entire performance with several cuts in middle of the routine
    Consistent Control - Shows the entire control from start to finish, no cuts
    Double Lift Workshop - Shows the various lifts, doesn't leave anything out
    Easy Aces - (Easy Aces 1 - Shows the entire routine with a cut. Easy Aces 2 - Shows the entire routine without a cut)
    Fair Deal Kid - The routine is described, but not shown at all
    Fan2c - The change (everything) is shown
    Killer Cop - The sleight is described, but not demonstrated
    Mechanical Fan Steal - The sleight is described, and then demonstrated
    Paul the Paul - The trick is shown with a cut
    Put it in the Card Box - The effect is described, but not shown
    Triple False Shuffle - The false cut is demonstrated
    YAMFACAAN - The effect is described, not demonstrated.

    So here are the ones that are shown with a cut: Con Cam Coincidencia, Easy Aces (the first trick), and Paul the Paul. Here are the ones that are not demonstrated at all, only described: Fair Deal Kid, Killer Cop, Put it in the Card Box, and YAMFACAAN.

    Don't get the wrong idea, I actually purchased 2 of these tricks, Con Cam Coincidencia, and YAMFACAAN, and I am very happy with both of them. However, I am thinking of buying more tricks, but I don't want to buy them if I don't even know what they look like. What are your thoughts?
  2. Doesn't Con Cam Coincidenia give the reason why it doesn't show the full effect in the trailer... that should be your answer man...

    For me, I read reviews about the effect... before buying anything...
  3. Haha my friend, if this bothers you the slightest then you must be too used to the digital age in magic were everything just gets shown to you...and books must bother the hell out of you.

    Some things aren't shown because it would be too easy to reconstruct in a video you could watch over and over and people would simply just steal/perform it without purchasing it.
  4. Just think, before the digital age you had to either find a brick and mortar shop to see it live or make decisions based on the ad copy, which was written to sell you things. Like this one.

  5. If you're a good magician, the moments you're being shown are the only ones your audience will remember.
  6. Ooh, thats good. :)

    But yeah, have you ever picked up a book? Those don't have video attachments. Judging by Paul Wilson and the Buck Twins' reputations, I don't think that they'll try to scam you by selling you a complete piece of crap that couldn't be performed.
  7. no no, you guys are putting words in my mouth slightly. I LOVE books. I only read 3, but they were AMAZING, and I learned a LOT from them. (Expert Card Technique, Expert at the Card Table, and Scarne on Card Tricks). I think that the books are where the real secrets are, I always thought that.
    What I was saying is exactly that, what Blindside462 said: "Some things aren't shown because it would be too easy to reconstruct in a video you could watch over and over and people would simply just steal/perform it without purchasing it." When I buy a trick that I didn't see the whole performance to, and then I watch the full performance, and I figure out the secret the second I watch the full performance, I feel slightly cheated. I know, it would fool a lay-person. I understand that. But on the same hand, it IS something that I wasted money on, in a way. I am not buying the secret. I could have thought of the secret myself. It's obviously not SO out of the box if another magician could figure it out. TRUE outside the box magic are tricks magicians can not figure out. I know someone will take me totally out of context here, but I am willing to risk that.
    Don't get me wrong, the tricks I perform most often for lay-people are tricks any magician would discern instantly. But for lay-people, they work GREAT. It's just that I don't want to spend a lot of money on tricks I can figure out on my own, am I making sense here?
    Now, I admit. I bought Con Cam Coincidencia, and I LOVE it. I am soooo happy I bought it, even though I could have figured it out. That was an exception. I perform it to this very day, and I recommend it to any magician who asks about it.
    I do hope noone takes me out of context, I know I said some things that could be twisted. Please think about what I said before you take me out of context.
  8. Then think up your own method for the effect.

    Otherwise, spend the money to learn a method that has been tried and tested. Some of Paul's effects come right from easily obtainable books (ie The Card Magic of Lepaul)

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