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  1. How come my trick is still pending review after72 hours
  2. Depending on how backed up the T11 staff is, the amount of research needed for your effect, or when you uploded it (its the holidays so it may be busier for them) it may take longer to get it apporved. I have had to wait 3 weeks for approval before. Other times it is approved within 24 hours. Just depends. If it has been longer than a month I would reach out to support and request an update
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  3. Ok thank you very much.
  4. My trick got declined:(
  5. Hey Ralph just curious what was your trick??
  6. It’s were a spectator shuffles the deck (the deck can be borrowed) you go to the other room they shuffle some more then they take out ten cards think of one and shuffle the ten cards. You come out of the other room take the ten cards and visual make the card they were thinking of vanish and appear face up in the deck that was in there hands the whole time.
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  7. that sounds pretty cool
  8. What was the reason it was declined?
  9. Not original enough
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