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  1. Forgive me if this is a naïve question, but did penguin magic start doing an upload platform similar to the marketplace? can anyone explain to me how it works? :) Thank you!
  2. i don't really think that is like the market place because they ad it to the entire page not only a specifict part
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  3. Ah I see. Is it similar in the way that you simply upload the tricks then they approve them and they go up? Or is it more like Penguin hand choses the ones they want and will post those?

    I guess the difference is that the marketplace is almost free reign (unless the effect isn't original) but if you submit an effect or idea to T11 to promote, they will be very selective and only push the hand chosen effects. So I guess what I am curious about is that I wonder if penguin is a similar platform to the marketplace where anyone can upload?
  4. In penguin as long shaun accept it you can upload is not as hard to publish something on penguin than in the marketplace
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  5. A few weeks after Theory11 released the Wire (Now known as the Marketplace) Penguin released their Penguin Partner program. Anyone can create a profile at Penguin but the submission process is not the same as Theory11.

    Theory11 has made it very easy to create an a account but they have a series of checks to make sure that what you publish is original. Their standard of originality is very high, many products that are released commercially would fail to be published on Theory11's site.

    Penguin is a little difficult to get into initially. You need to correspond with Shaun Dunn. He's going to look at you as an artist and treat you almost like a dealer. When he establishes that you have something to offer they are very relaxed as to what they allow you to submit. It is all mixed in with their various products and you have to compete with whatever the big trick of the month is.

    Penguin also offers in store credit and Paypal direct payments. They also allow you to publish books.
  6. Great! Thank you so much!
  7. You can sell pdf books here in the marketplace. If I remember correctly, a member sold his pdf book shortly after launch. But only digital content. I'll send you a pm Michael .
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  8. Thanks Justin. PM received and replied to.

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