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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by etherealictrinity, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. so today i received my package from penguin (just a few decks) and in the special instructions box of the order i placed i had put "i <3 penguin." Anyways when i opened the box i saw on my invoice that who ever packed my order put a smiley face on it and i cracked a smile. But when i tore away the paper i had not only received my order but M&M's!!!! it might not seem like much but it totally made my day.
  2. They put some in mine too a couple months back when I ordered a package. Kinda strange isn't it? haha
  3. Ya, I don't really know why but they put M&Ms in each order I think. I received some last week when I got Mind Eraser and when I got the DG project a few months ago. I'm not complaining though ;) :p
  4. I order from them about twice a month and always get M&Ms, yum.
  5. Same here. But peanut m&m's.
  6. that's sweet, but i prefer when then offer me free magic trick
  7. That's great but in my order they placed a gift card for $100 in free products when I order again.
  8. DANG REVERHART! how much did you order??!?! haha! I haven't eaten my M&M's yet, I thought there might be something in them... 0.o
  9. I'm just messing with you guys. I thought I'd wait awhile until I reposted.
  10. I love little things like that. Even if they wrote "we <3 you too" on your invoice it would be cool, I think it would anyway.

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