People GENUINELY believe this is REAL!

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Mengel Brothers, Nov 5, 2016.

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  2. Dude, I'm a magician and I think it is real. It looks so convincing.
  3. Its not magic.
  4. Actually it is... This effect falls into the category of geek magic (or shock magic), just like the famous Shinkoh's arm twisting illusion, Freak by Will Houstoun, Thread by Wayne Houchin etc.

    This is what you can find from Wiki:

    "Shock magic is a genre of magic that shocks the audience. Sometimes referred to as "geek magic," it takes its roots from circus sideshows, in which 'freakish' performances were shown to audiences."

  5. Thanks, buddy! That's a high complement. This is also where the tagline of the effect comes from: "Magic just got real", because even though it's rare to get such a response to magic, it's very common with this effect. I love seeing people reactions to this effect:

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  6. It is not because people may actually be able to do these things. Therefore, it is not magic because it is not impossible. I could care less about the category lol.
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  7. Yep, the sound part and the bending work actually just on their own as well, but when combined... :D
    I'm glad to hear you are having fun with the effect.
  8. Some strongmen are able to bend a coin with their bare hands, so it's not impossible, yet coin bending is a very common magic trick. Then again I have never seen or heard that a person who has normal stiff fingers like me (which spectators can verify in the beginning of the presentation) can easily dislocate their finger and then bend it to the front and to the side from the joint and then put it back in place and be completely fine. If you are referring to people who are double-jointed, then even they can't bend their finger from the joint to the side like the last bend shown in the trailer. Plus the illusion is not about having flexible fingers, but dislocating a normal one and then bending it in impossible ways and not being harmed by it- that's the impossible in this illusion. I doubt there's a person who can do what the illusion is about and not be harmed by it.

    In addition, for example I know one magician uses the illusion as a demonstration how he can self-hypnotise himself not to feel pain, which to my knowledge is a quite impossible feat. So my advice is like for any trick: first learn it, then create your own presentation and make it your own to fit your style.

    And actually this what many magicians appreciate about this illusion that it is believable for the spectators- that they don't consider it impossible, they take it as real, which is more impactful than "impossibly" vanishing a playing card.

    Well, magic comes in different categories and these categories apply wether you care about them or not. But if this category is not your style and you don't consider it magic, then it's a different story and understandable.
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  9. Think about it this way. It is not magic. It is an illusion, not magic. Thread is magic because you are swallowing a string and pulling it out your eye. This is just dislocating your finger, nothing impossible. Oh and by the way, people can put dislocated things back in place and be able to use them. So Grant was correct. This is not magic.
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  10. Well, in this case, is "coin bending" magic?
  11. Everything in magic is in one way or another plausible. People guess how you did something (ie. a full deck colour switch - people might think you used a "chemical deck").
    Some of the greatest magic tricks of all time fall onto that line of reality and impossibility. All depends on how you sell it.
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  12. Ok my bro. That is insane. I'm actually thinking its real...

    You don't actually have to dislocate your finger, do you? Because there are some magicians who actually do exactly what it looks like.
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  13. Exactly! Like I wrote above, one magician uses this effect to demonstrate completely another ability, which has nothing to do with fingers - the ability to self-hypnotise not to feel pain.
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  14. Ha-ha :D I take that as a complement ;)
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