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  1. What trick do you use from the trilogy ... ?
  2. a lot. tivo2.0 is a must , subway,queens, card across(teaches the popover move),card to mouth.
  3. I very rarely performed anything off the Trilogy and havnet for well over a year. However deja vu' is amazing and not overly complex. Heidnberg's Peak is quite nice if you can sell it to the audience. Hoffy Hozbourne, subway and twinsplit remix + fission for aces are not too bad either.

    Everything else on the DVD is very look what I can do, in my opinion.
  4. a lot, i found most of them are suits myself as well. The most i perform is swiss made, queens, hand to mouth, click change+ cascade, card across,hedbergs and hofzy.
  5. I Just got it not too long ago so they are still in practice but... ones I like are Queens, hand to mouth and basically all that D ICE R said as I agree a lot with what he said about most of them being "look what I can do" effects so you can't really connect with your audience too much like with an ACR or any signed card effect for that matter. They are all quite quick and straight to the point I actually am learning the sleights rather then the effects so I can put them into my own routines.
  6. I do 'card across', 'subway', akira,eko,J5 flourishes but the other stuff from the DVD is definately worthed Your time.
  7. I use The Queens, Card to Mouth, and Subway.
  8. I just got disc 1 for Xmas...The ones I will probably use the most are queens,subway,deja vu, crad across,and hand to mouth. Collectors is nice but it's quite difficult and isnt that powerful in my opinion. Also I would use hedberg as an encore to a tivo effect but not alone as the changes occur face down and i find it lacking flair and visuality.
  9. I use tivo transpo and 2.0, which are fun to do :D also card across and to mouth, and deja vu if i have a table avaible. I'm still practicing until i get twinsplit remix and fission for aces right i can be hard with myself sometimes :( also with hedsberg peak, 69, queens, swiss made and collectors until i feel is right.
  10. I like to use hedberg's peak, hoffzy osborne, card across, card to mouth. still workin on tivo transpo and 2.0, and some others, but yeah
  11. Hand to Mouth is the number one thing I use (wow, that sounded wrong), but I have the PDF bundle. It basically is the Trilogy. The Click Change is another thing I love to use. However, a lot of it is impractical. I think if anything were to actually affect the spectator, it would be Subway. Being honest.

  12. Just got it for Christmas, and I would say it's worth it fo sho. Out of the tricks though, I can't really do any of them yet (obviously) so I'll just say the one's I think I'll practice and use. Hedberg's peak, hand to mouth, subway, twinsplit remix, the queens, swiss made, fission for aces, card across, and deja vu. I know that's a lot, but I like the looks of all of them (heck that's gonna take a few years to get all those down).

    I'm actually not sure why Tivo 2.0 is so popular, but I don't really care for it. It's too much "look what I can do". Doesn't have much audience participation (well...neither do the ones I mentioned). I like mostly the color changes, flourishes, sleights, and doubles on the DVDs anyway.
  13. I really enjoy watching the magic on the Trilogy, i've own it for about a half and a half, but the only thing that I perform off of it is Hoffy Osbourne.
    Truth is, i'm still trying to master the other stuff. :D
    Good set, though it will occupy a lot of your time, but you get more than your money's worth.
  14. I usually do The Queens, Portal, TiVo 2.0, Swiss Made, Click Change, Jones Change, Jones Change 2, Deja Vu, and Hedbergs All Over.
  15. Just out of curiousity, how have you done with the jones change variation? Seems like it would be hard to get away with.
  16. Truthfully, I've done pretty well. The Only problems are the angles. I perform for 1 or 2 people tops.
  17. I have used tivo,subway,the queens,deja vu and swiss made.
    They have all been used as small little entertaining tricks with some friends at hangouts. I dont feel they have any other use than that for what my performances are.
  18. I just got the Trilogy last week.So far ive learnt Tivo 2.0,i do the Card to mouth really often, hofzzy osbourne is nice too im working on Queens & GOAT change now...all the discs on the trilogy are really helpful theres so much material & there really is something for everyone!
  19. I use the click change, subway, card to mouth and the shepard change for certain routines.
  20. As everyone who has THE TRILOGY knows that effects from disc 1 needs little or no patter at all, though very visual it lacks the connection from the performer to the spectator due to its fast phased orientation.. by the way Hoffzy Osbourne is the only effect i find workable, with the right patter... it can work wonders..

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