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  1. Hi. This looks like a good effect. I did want to point something out in the write-up that seemed a little off. I might be a bit persnickety though. ;-) In the write up it says that after they name their number you "immediately show your hands empty and reach into your pocket." It is obvious from the trailer this isn't what happens.
  2. Right...

    This is "artistic" license.

    Ad Copy is sometimes written as what the audience will remember, not what actually occurred.
  3. Nope - that's exactly what you can do!

    Your hands are empty, and there's nothing up your sleeve. You can even do it topless, if you so wish!

    See below new uncut street performances just posted today:
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  4. Hi Jonathan. Yes, that is the video I saw. I'm not criticizing it. The little bit with the business card for a little direction in between is necessary I would assume, and that is not a problem at all. I am also confident that even with the business card bit, the spectator will see it as going into your pocket immediately after the number is named (and that is all that matters.) If anything, I am congratulating you on actually providing an uncut video. Best Wishes, Kevin (PS...I will pass on doing it topless.)
  5. Hey Kevin - the business card bit is entirely optional and not necessary - it's simply part of Franco's routine. As with much of mentalism, it's always good to add some "smoke" to routines to avoid it looking too perfect or too impossible in the eyes of spectators. But in this case - it's just smoke. Perfect Cents really is that clean.
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