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  1. Quick question about the product,
    Lets say I am performing in front of my friends and for example someone says "59", I pull out exactly 59 cents and get a lot of "wows". So immediately after that, my Russian friend comes up and asks if I could do the same with "Rubles" ( Russian Currency). Can I have different currencies in the Gimmick and somehow have it separate the different currencies from each other? Or can I only have 1 currency at a time?
  2. One currency at a time. I don't think I've encountered a situation where I've needed to use more than one currency in performance, so I don't imagine that being a frequent occurrence - but yes, just one!
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  3. If you REALLY want to, you could have two gimmicks (one for each pocket) and have the currencies separated that way, but the odds of someone actually asking you to do this are practically non-existent. We would advise to just stick with the currency used where you live.
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  4. Given that the idea behind this effect is that the spectator correctly guesses the amount of change you have in your pocket and not that you pull out the amount of change that the spectator names, I don't think that you would want to immediately repeat the effect with any currency. That would ruin the illusion in my opinion. This effect is strongest when done once and using only one pocket in my opinion.
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