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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeckCheck, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. my package arrived today and i opened my new deck and i have to say, i dont know what everyone is talking about. my guardians are perfect. I have been playing with them all day and they are just like all my othe bicycle decks.
  2. Stock is thinner than E cards, quite close to regular bikes, might be thinner because of the ammount of ink used in printing. Didn't really clump for me as much as the 1800's did but i dont mind at all my performances dont require that i ahve perfect fans 100% of the time.
  3. That's the point. They are just like regular bikes.

    A premium deck that cost $4.50 should never feel and handle like regular $.99 bikes.

    This is why the 2nd Edition will deliver a REAL quality deck. Let's just hope they are as good as Masters or Ghost.
  4. $.99 dollar bikes?? If you are getting Bikes for .99$ please tell me where. I would LOVE to buy them for .99$... Bikes are around 1.50-2.50$. With the custom design, it would range from where it is at now.

  5. Guys...they never said that guardians will have different stock. also, the ONLY thing wrong with the guardians, is that they start clumping REALLY easily.
  6. He might mean that at 13 decks for 14 dollars they come to about a dollar a deck, or the 2-pack's which can run around 2-something. Or maybe he knows a secret store that sells them for cheap.
  7. Bikes here are the same price as Guardians! (minus shipping of course)
  8. You might want to try the "99 Cents" store. :D

    I get my bikes for $1.25 (12 decks for $15.00).

  9. the first edition guardians are good, they feel more like Tally ho's than bikes. and the finish is unique. you won't get another deck that feels exactly the same. the second edition will probably be more 'rugged' or longer lasting, with less potential to group or clump.

    but i know i'll be keeping a few of my 1st editions wrapped and stored in my collection
  10. guardians felt nothing like tally-ho's, let alone bikes, when I received them. The clumping I mind but really irks me is the 4.50, plus shipping, these go for when they handle poorer than bikes. Here's hoping for an improved second edition
  11. I love this design, and the stock is great, although I disliked the whole "oily" feel the cards had (even as soon as you opened them). Perhaps the 2nd batch will differ in this dilemma.

  12. I bought a 13 pack of red and blue bikes for $14 and some change at sam's club... or was it costco... I can't remember which, but they are nearly a dollar a deck if you buy them that way ^.^

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