Performing Magic while a little drunk

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ejwhite25, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. So last night i went to a Halloween party (i'm in college) , had a little to drink, but ended up doing some magic whilst i was there , went overall really well.Was performing while not sober a bad idea?
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  2. Yes.
    Unless acting drunk is part of the routine which could make for a pretty amusing show. have someone narrating the story as you act it out..almost like cabaret magic.

    In fact now that I step back and loo0k at what I just told you, that's a really interesting idea.

    Imagine telling a tale of being drunk in public, getting locked up, and using that as an escape part of the trick and mix it up with some humor.

    You can even use metamorphosis in the end to swap places with the cop and totally throw off the audience on how you got away.

    LOL I really have to stop giving ideas!
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  3. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just be cautious not to make a habit out of it.

    I remember on a Michael Ammar video that he suggested not to perform too often after having alcohol (or other substances) because it can become easy to attribute the success of your performance with drugs or alcohol consumption. You don't want to become dependent on these things every time you perform. After hearing that, I really took stock on my party performances and I decided that there is a point where I won't perform a trick. It's better for me as a performer and for my health.

    It's your life, so you make the right decisions for yourself.
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  4. Although alcohol may relax you and make you more personable, I wouldn't depend on it as a performance enhancer. Alcohol is a depressant. A little may relax you (provided you are of legal drinking age), but more than that will harm you cognitive abilities, reaction time and coordination. Better to trust your skills, relax and just enjoy the performances... because you have the same ability (if not better) to perform amazing magic sober.

    P.S. I saw a well known magician perform once after having a couple too many beers. It was embarrassing for everyone involved.
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  5. As someone that gave up alcohol for 6 years now. I can say, that drinking will not help in the long run.
    A few drinks now and then, sure.. but if you rely upon it. Your short term memory will suffer big time.
    I am not an addict, by any means, however the feeling you get from it can become addictive.
    As with anything, ..... Moderation is key.
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  6. #inebridigitation
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  7. All I have to say is know your limits, I perform comedy and magic at Laugh Factory in Chicago, the venue gives a a drink to kill any nerves you might have but don't over do it. Drunk magic is a no go, but id say a safe zone is two if you plan on performing.
  8. Ha! I've done it many times, and I have found it could work for and against you. I would say if you're experienced enough with your routines to not have to worry about mechanics and everything is muscle memory, then go ahead and have a few! It would make the experience more enjoyable for yourself as well.

    However, that being said if you are paid to be at an event I would always drink with caution. The person booked you to perform and deliver, not to drink and just have fun (but we all already know performing is already fun)!

    Perform, and drink, responsibly.
  9. I think it depends on your magic.. if you are doing a lot of difficult sleights.. I would not recommend it.. but just normal double lifts and vanishes (coins/sponges) it may help a bit as you are relaxed. Probably more fun that way too lol

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