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  1. Hi Guys,
    So about a month ago I auditioned for a TV show here in the UK called Penn and Teller : Fool Us -
    Last week I got a phone call saying that I did not get through :( which I accepted because I know that there will be people on the show who are A LOT better than me and have a chance of fooling Penn and Teller.
    But then....something GREAT happened!
    I got a phone call back from them asking if I wanted to come along and still perform for Penn and Teller during one of their rehearsals. Which without hesitation I said yes! So basically in about 2 weeks I'm going to one of the rehearsals of fool us to perform to Penn and Teller! (I'm gonna try and fool them :p) I will try and film it and post it here. I'm thinking about performing a routine from Past Midnight by Ben Earl. I'm really excited as I might never have this chance again (as they are in Vegas, they don't visit the UK very often). For those of you interested, I think the actual 7 episodes following the pilot in January, airs in a few months.
    There will be some great magicians on it and I will definitely audition again for the next series (if there is one) I'm already planning a trick now! :)
  2. What an amazing story! Bravo! Take the opportunity to network while your there, and make some friends. Bring business cards and hand them out IF asked, don't spam them. Have fun, and what an awesome opportunity! Bravo sir!

    Some helpful advice for you when dealing with Penn... Avoid subjects of conversation regarding Religion, or Politics. Break a leg!!!
  3. Thanks for the advice :)
    About Penn...I'll keep that in mind :)

  4. Great job and good luck for your upcoming performance :D

    Just my two cents but if it was me, I would perform the trick Dead Reckoning. It's a very strong card/mentalism effect, easy to do, and it has always fooled the magicians I know. Ok, I haven't performed for people like Penn&Teller, but you should just take a look into it :)

    I'm looking forward for a your story !
  5. Thanks!
    I'll look into Dead Reckoning, it's seems like a good trick.
  6. Well done mate! I also auditioned. I was spotted performing at a cabaret show in London and asked to come along for an audition. I had a great time at the audition but unfortunately didn't get through. Hope it all goes well and good luck!

  7. Thanks! Well done for getting the audition , shame you didn't get through :(
  8. Well then! Just got home after the rehearsal and.... it was amazing! The set was incredible and different to the pilot one , everyone was really friendly :)
    So.... onto the performance... so basically I just did what an act on the show would do,walk on , talk to Jonathan Ross , Invite Penn and Teller up to the stage , it was brilliant! I performed kickback kings from Lee Smith's ICandy DVD and a trilogy style effect using the phoenix double decker. Penn was sitting at a bad angle for kickback kings but I don't think they saw the two cards coming... :p the trilogy effect went well , they had to actually think about how the trick was done! Teller forgot I had named the cards which I guess deducted from the amazement but still was very good. Teller said the first words he said when I came in was send him to Vegas, lol :) Penn said I would of fooled them individually but I was exceptional for 12. Photos coming soon , I won't be on the show but for those who want to see the set , us Brits go watch the show when it airs! Lol but if people in the US can't watch it then check youtube for some odd clips. I had some photos taken I'll put them up when I get sent them. Going back tomorrow to go to one of the recordings. Can't wait! Thanks for all your support guys :)
  9. I'm going to watch an episode being filmed on the 20th of this month, don't know who is performing but it should be good.

    I've got 3 spare tickets if anyone in the uk fancies going, I got 6 but people blew out, its in wembley starting at 12.30
  10. Congrats, Jack! I believe Teller was referring to YOU in this tweet this afternoon.
  11. Thanks! Yep Teller was referring to me , I couldn't believe how cool that was :)
  12. Wow! Congrats!
  13. Awesome, Jack! That's an amazing experience to have at 12 - at any age in fact. Keep up the awesome work, you'll have an awesome story to tell years down the road.
  14. WOW! Great Job man! I know how you feel! Meeting someone famous and having a convo with them is really awesome! When I was 11 during one of Green Day's( I know this has nothing to do with magic ) concerts, the lead singer asked me up on stage and i hugged him! That must be how you felt! NICE.
  15. Congrats, it must be a huge thing for you... Keep up the good work...
  16. I was fortunate to be there watching Jack that day and I have to commend him for his confidence. He showed no fear in what I think most of us would deem to be a nerve wrecking experience. This boy is too cool for school!

    Jamie Daws
  17. Hi Guys,
    Sorry I haven't been on the forums for a while but I've come back to all these really nice comments :)
    Thank you sooo much for all your support and Zach , thanks for mentioning me on the Insider! Means a lot!
    Thanks Jamie , it was great seeing you that day! I have finally got some photos which I'll put here.
    Jack :)[​IMG]
  18. That's awesome! congrats!:)
  19. I'm not sure how to post photos on this thread.... anyone know? :)
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    Finally got a photo up! :D
    There is news on a Christmas Special of fool us where they look at how the winners did in Vegas!

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