Personalized bicycle cards

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  1. OK so I was trying to order some personalized bicycle cards (shocked aren't you) but the only options it gives you for living in are the US and Canada. Now I am british (and proud) so what the hell do I do now? Is there no way of getting them, short of flying over to America?! Little help?
  2. i know what u mean, had the same problem when i was living in the UK... i live in Israel now, and i have lots of American friends that fly back and forth, so i just get them to fly it over for me...
  3. Too bad.

  4. Make your own custom card =D I read about using printing labels before. I'll try to dig it out
  5. Hmmm thats odd.... Well sorry I don't know of much bout that but I'll research some stuff and try gettin' back to you...... Cheers!!!!

  6. Thanks to everyone who has contributed something useful. Any more info is greatly appreciated.
  7. I wouldn't be too disappointed. I had mine printed with them, and the quality was not great. The printing was okay, but the card stock was thin and they did not fan well.

    I would try and look for some other printers that could do it in your area

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